55 different ways to color your short and medium hair for the summer!

55 different ways to color your short and medium hair for the summer!

If they have told you that short hair will not give you the opportunity to indulge in choosing a new color shade, or with the adoption of the best coloring techniques able to give you new shades and highlights, they made fun of you! Short hair , as well as medium and long hair, can in fact guarantee you the same identical coloring opportunities and, in some cases, will also give you additional added value in choosing a new color. So if you are thinking of cutting a little hair, it may be the right time to add a new color to the cut. But which?


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In order to be able to choose which shade to use for your hair, always remember that, as we have already had the opportunity to examine over the past few months, the light strokes will continue to grow even in the coming months. The highlights will allow you to give a new brightness to your hair, and reward it with better dynamism and the impression of a more effective movement. It will be enough to change your base color by one or two shades to obtain truly extraordinary effects , without revolutionizing your appearance.


Homogeneous shades: first photogallery


Fortunately for all those women who do not wish to resort to the possibility of being able to color their hair with highlights, light, shatush, balayage & co., It is worth remembering that the possibility of being able to obtain full satisfaction from the most homogeneous colors. It will therefore be sufficient to opt for a beautiful winter shade, full trend, to be able to ensure the best satisfactions regarding the new coloring of your hair: talk carefully with your hairdresser, and we are sure that you will be able to ensure a super cool tone in a short time !


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If you also want to go a little deeper into the best hair styles and the best shades for short hair, nothing better than taking a look at our photogallery, within which you will certainly be able to find a good style option. Therefore, carefully browse the photos that we have chosen to prepare for you below and try to understand what the best options can be to enhance your face. Dwell a little on each of the hypotheses and then talk to your hairdresser, in order to identify the most convincing hairstyle!


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