55 new color ideas for short and medium hair!

55 new color ideas for short and medium hair!

Of course, even in today’s study we cannot recall the suggestion that we explicitly made last week (and many other times before that moment): identifying the best hair color is a process for you often quite long and complex, considering that there is no universal color that can “fit for everyone”, nor an univocal guide to be able to choose the color “of the moment” or the “most suitable” one.


Just as naturally, these difficulties just mentioned must certainly not block your creativity or your desire to experiment and find something new. On the contrary: the search for good hair color must be interpreted as a gradual process, particularly compelling, full of satisfactions, and which will have as its fundamental pivot the analysis of one’s visual characteristics, one’s personality, one’s desire to experiment and much more yet.


To help you in this process, in which we try to accompany you step by step, we have prepared a beautiful photo gallery for you that we are happy to present today, with all its incredible style opportunities. The starting point will probably have to be represented by the need to carry out some small reasoning on one’s own style characteristics, and on the will to show oneself in such a highly personalized way. Therefore try to imagine yourself with that particular hair style, and therefore try to understand if it is better to adopt a more eccentric color , or perhaps limit yourself to some shade or a few strands of hair.


It is very probable that at first of this process of imagination you may feel particularly “alien” to the whole. And if you have never had the opportunity to carry out a similar reasoning about a color change, perhaps switching to a color like blue or orange could be a step full of obstacles and worries. In reality, none of this: the color change must not be experienced with stress or fear, but must be a moment to be supported with great enthusiasm, as it is right that any variation in tone and color is interpreted.


Therefore, the search for good hair color can only be a gradual path, which will mainly pass through an analysis of one’s visual characteristics, one’s personality, one’s will to experiment, and so on. In any case, a good starting point will certainly be represented by our today’s photogallery : many shades of hair that can come to your rescue to get an idea of ​​the trends of the near future.


Inside the photogallery you will therefore find both particularly creative styles, and less ordinary colors than usual , and more usable colors in everyday life, and which have made the recent history of beauty salons. Among the many we can only remember the rather obvious presence of marsala, a beautiful red nuance, which can be enjoyed in different ways, and with identical efficacy both as regards long hair, and as regards short or medium hair .


As we have pointed out several times in recent months, ronze is also particularly attractive, a color halfway between red and bronze, and which on several occasions we have emphasized to be an excellent choice for heating scarlet nuances .


Therefore, try to calmly browse this and the other photo galleries that you can find on our site, and try to understand whether or not they really can do for you . It is an effort of imagination that is often quite difficult – although a little help can come from technology and from sharing your intentions with your hairdresser! – which will certainly give you infinite satisfactions and, above all, help you prepare for the moment of actual change.


Finally, remember that … nothing is forever. And therefore also your style can be subject to sudden revisions if it is no longer particularly convincing. So what are you waiting for? Go to your hairdresser with some inspirational photos in your hand (or on your smartphone) and … have fun!


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