55 short hair trends to make your choice easier

55 short hair trends to make your choice easier

Our daily appointment with short hair is back, one of the favorite lengths, and one of the styles that we believe we can embrace more frequently, thanks also to our fantastic photo galleries! Now is the time to introduce you to 55 new short hair trends that will be the most popular over the next season, and which you can certainly consider showing off over the next few months, trying to find greater seduction and greater romance. Practical and extremely versatile cuts, which you will be able to wear in an attractive, fresh and personal way!


On the other hand, as you will easily realize by browsing our photo gallery, the alternatives for those who want to model short hair on themselves are many and heterogeneous, and will not fail to satisfy even the needs of the most demanding people, who want to be able to conquer a unique and unforgettable style.


The advantages of the transition to short hair are numerous: just think of the possibility of offering infinite ideas for customization, and the possibility of revolutionizing one’s appearance in seconds, day after days, thanks to some small style tips that will satisfy their feelings and their desire to communicate the personality of the moment to the outside world.


Of course, even if short hair is very popular, the negative aspect is that this style requires frequent visits to the hairdresser in order to always keep it in place. On the other hand, you know very well that it is extremely practical, and does not need continuous maintenance as it does with short hair. Different discourse regarding very short hair, the regrowth of which will be felt in a much more insistent and rapid way.


The short haircut is also perfect for those with small faces, and particularly suitable for those with large eyes, with a marked femininity that does not need long hair to emerge. Instead, it is better to avoid short haircuts if the build is robust and the shape of the face is not very harmonious.


And so, on these premises, it is very difficult to try to elect a predominant trend with respect to the other i. However, it seems obvious that, as already happened this summer, one of the most popular models could be the smooth scaled bob, which we have talked about several times over the past few months, presenting it as a very feminine bob, with hair that reduces the crown thickness at the end of each level, giving the impression of a very light and thinning development, for a particularly delicate and efficient image.


As you can guess, spoiled for choice will make a quick visit to all women who wish to approach short hair. How can we forget, for example, the possibility of giving a further cut and therefore marrying a nice pixie cut? In this case you should remember the need to prepare a dynamic and not too rigid cut: therefore avoid minimizing the volume on the sides too and, on the other hand, move your figure with locks and tufts that can make your image more jaunty and falsely disheveled .


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