60 photos of short hair that will make you even more beautiful!

60 photos of short hair that will make you even more beautiful!

If you are passionate about our daily insights, you should know that short hair is one of our editorial staff’s favorite styles : on the other hand, it is look extremely versatile, ready to accompany any woman in the restyling phase and, above all, ultra customizable. From very short to medium short hair, from pixie to bob, all women who want to experience a short hairstyle will certainly be able to do it with particular conviction and satisfaction, without having to struggle too much to find their own new and very personal style .


The bob is the starting point…


In taking a good path that will lead you to the identification of the new short haircut for your style expectations in fashion hair , always remember that an essential starting point is represented by the bob : the short bob is in fact the most versatile and flexible hair style, and can be considered not only as the stylistic landing point of many of our readers, as well as the starting point for all those women who, basing themselves on a more neutral cut like the bob, wish to experiment with some more incisive personalization, such as undercut & co.


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… but don’t forget to observe your face


In reality, the most attentive readers will be able to remember that the real starting point can only be represented by the need to carefully observe one’s face. Considering that every haircut needs careful personalization, it is in fact good to remember that it will be necessary to identify a look that can significantly reward your best visual characteristics and, at the same time, it can help you mask some aesthetic flaw that you may wish to conceal with a little attention. In short, start with the bob but, even more, by careful and critical examination of your face, in search of those details to be enhanced, and those details to be managed with a good hairstyle.

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