60 pixie cuts that will never go out of style!

60 pixie cuts that will never go out of style!

Here is a new photogallery prepared especially for you! Once again today the pleasant time has come to deal with the pixie cut, with the haircuts which will never go out of fashion, especially in the versions and declinations that we have been able to offer you in this photogallery, where you will find 60 shots all to watch and observe carefully, in order to understand whether or not they really are right for you.


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The starting point, however, will already in itself be quite convincing, given that the pixie cut is an extremely appreciated look by celebrities from all over the world, and that it represents a style that can boast hundreds of different versions, each of which may well be able to reflect a specific personality.


As intuitive as it is for any haircut , even in this hypothesis the perfect style “trick” can only be to choose the right one pixie cut for their tastes and their visual characteristics, perhaps preferring volumes proportionate to the features of their face.


If the above rule is true, it is especially true for the pixie cut, a cut that – compared to other styles – puts more emphasis on the qualities of one’s face but, in an equally pitiless manner, it is also able to enhance potential flaws and your face. Therefore, our advice can only be to pay great attention to the pixie cut, trying to weigh pros and cons of any choice.


Again, always remember that the pixie cut should be ideally renewed every 60 days or so, in order to pleasantly review the original geometries. The risk is in fact that, with hair growth, the pixie cut can transform into something else, certainly with less appeal!


Having said that, finally remember that also the pixie cut must be personalized on the basis of your face: therefore, if you have a particularly long face, it is better to avoid pixie cuts too close to your head, because the face elongation would be even more evident. If, on the other hand, your face is square, opt for a nice voluminous tuft, and an impression of features drawn thanks to the side locks.


If, finally, you have a beautiful, round and peaceful face, nothing better than to make a short cut laterally, but with greater volume on the upper part, and therefore give the most refined image.


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