7 Night Habits That Will Add Beauty To Your Hair

7 Night Habits That Will Add Beauty To Your Hair

Would you like to prepare your hair for the day while getting your sweet sleep at night? A healthy and perforated sleep rests, renews and configures our hair as well as our entire body. Would you like to take a look at our suggestions that can be considered as hair care before bed?

Tricks to wake up with beautiful hair


Dry your hair and prevent it from breaking by lying

One of the biggest evils you can do to your hair is to lie down with wet hair. Your hair is weaker when wet and can break quickly. When you move on your pillow cases during the night, it breaks by rubbing against the fabric. If you are one of those who like to take a shower before going to bed at night, dry it or knit it.


Knit your hair while lying down at night

Bad news if you enjoy picking up your hair at night! Your hair strands will be damaged when you collect them by making a ponytail or a tight bun. As we have suggested above, sleeping with your hair does not break your hair and does not hurt your head, since it is not collected tightly. The best part is having nice waves when you get up in the morning. Hair knitted, especially when it is moist, can gain a beautiful form until the morning.


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Are those here who cannot sleep without raising their hair?


If you say I can not lie down without collecting my hair, do not use a tight rubber. Especially if it is moist or wet, your hair will damage your rubber hair. So how to collect hair while lying at night? Best of all, gather it with fabric buckles. Let the rubber post wrap your hair and collect it as loosely as possible.


Brush your hair before going to bed


Only trick here is that you use a quality brush made of natural bristles or not breaking your hair. Oil, which is naturally found on the scalp, is distributed to your hair tips by brushing and this oil nourishes your hair. In addition, blood circulation in your scalp increases and hair follicles are stimulated. In this way, night hair care continues. Hair regenerates itself. Brushing your hair before going to bed also relaxes you and helps you sleep more pleasantly.


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7 Night Habits That Will Add Beauty To Your Hair


Apply a hair care mask for the night


Night hair masks are a pretty good idea, since they affect your hair well from night to night and there is no waiting problem. The night is the best time to apply hair masks that you cannot find in the daytime and cannot be patiently applied to your hair. Applying a night mask means deep care while you sleep. Hair care with coconut oil can be preferred especially at night.


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Towel cool on your pillow for night hair care


If you are going to try one of the nighttime hair care treatments, towel your pillow to prevent the product from getting on your pillow. But avoid getting your hair wrapped with a towel. Let your hair get air.


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