8 Hair Care Tips With Golden Value For Healthy Hair

1- Wash Less


Shampoo only once if your hair is not very dirty and exposed to processing. The hair is fed with its own oil, you lose this oil by using a lot of shampoo and you lose the ph balance of the hair. By washing your hair less, you will also be able to grow easier and healthier.

2-Do Leave-In Maintenance


If your hair is very worn, make sure to use the rinse treatments as well as the care that goes on throughout the day and continues to be repaired. Otherwise, when you rinse your hair, 90% of your care is rinsed and there is no maintenance in the hair. For this reason, it is essential to apply rinse-free maintenance.

3-Apply Hair Conditioner to All Hair


Generally, hair conditioners are applied from the neck. The way of applying this conditioner causes the upper area of ​​the hair to be more fluffy and softer. The ends of the hair are weaker and look as if they are printed. You should apply the cream to the entire hair in a way that does not feed the bottoms in general. So the volume of your hair looks equal. However, if you complain that your hair ends look weak, you can use products that say thickener. By applying these products only to your hair tips, you make the ends look voluminous.


3- Do Not Comb Dry Hair


Do not comb your hair dry unless it is necessary. This is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Hair is not only broken from being processed, it also breaks due to the wrong combing method. We all know that when we comb dry hair from the top, it makes different sounds. This is the signal that the hair is broken from head to toe. If you have to comb dry, use a wide-toothed comb. Make sure to comb your hair by opening it from the very ends. This is a valid rule when your hair is wet and dry.

3- Caution When Drying Hair With Towel


We should think of our hair as a delicate and delicate fabric. We do not wrinkle a silk or satin shirt. So is the hair, do not try to dry it back and forth with a towel after washing. Instead, you just need to press it lightly to get the water. When you wrap and twist in the towel, you will kill all the pores in the hair and your hair will start to break when it is wet.


4-Don’t Play With Your Hair


One of the movements we women most like to do is play with the ends of the hair from time to time. However, this is one of the worst movements for hair. Because by thinning the ends of the hair, you are lubricating it badly with your hands and your hair loses its form during the day.


5- Have Instant Volume Hair


Is it possible to show your hair more voluminous and thick instantly? Of course it is possible! By painting in dark color. When you paint in dark color, each strand of your hair will look thicker and healthier.


6- Let your hair get air


If you are using the same model of your hair all the time, like a ponytail and a bun, that means it gets there and breaks your hair. Occasionally, let it be open and get air, relax and find its balance. Otherwise, you both break it and stop its healthy elongation.


7- Put the Distance Between Your Hair and Hair


Pay attention to the heat when drying your hair. Take care that it is warm, it is possible to take a blow dryer in warm heat. And don’t, but don’t blow your hair on your hair. There should be a distance between the hair and blow dryer. The most important thing is to use products that protect the hair from heat.


8- Solution for Oily Hair Problem


If you have oily hair, you can pour baby powder on your palm and feed it on your scalp to prevent this. It will absorb all the oil and even handle you for a few days.


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