A Fresh Trend: Galaxy Hair

Capcanlı How does the idea of ​​delivering hair to a glamorous trend trend sound? Purple , pinks, greens , blues … It was the trend of this winter to carry the constellations of the galaxy to the hair. Herpes is but fun. Space-inspired Galaxy Hair trend is spreading rapidly among men and women.

Color is your choice. While 3-4 colors are used together in long hair, they generally use one striking color in lobe and bob cut models. But we think it is useful to take a test drive first; with hair chalk and semi permanent paints. Then all you have to do is apply the photo you like. Of course, at this stage, the hairdresser, who will be the architect of this eye-catching trend, has a lot to do. It must be absolutely creative and ingenious so that the colors can dance in harmony. The torture of having this hair also goes through staying at the hairdresser for 6 hours! Even later; often to wear the hairdresser’s door in order to preserve the colors… It is not known when the trend will happen in our country, but it is on the way to become a hit abroad.

12 examples of the most colorful state of the universe on hair! Let’s see if you like it.


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