Adorable short hair ideas to start the new year!

Adorable short hair ideas to start the new year!

Do you love short hair and are you always looking for some good ideas to start the new year with? You are certainly in the right place, seen and considered that there is no day that can pass without some useful insight on the subject of short hairstyle. Considering this, even today it seems to be the right time to be able to talk about some useful restyling ideas, basing all the most appropriate evaluations on the possibility of being able to show off a new style of very short hair, short [19459003 ] or medium short. But what are the best alternatives on this front? We have identified 3 and … we have accompanied them with 40 different style ideas!


cheeky pixie cut


Just as it happened for last summer, even in the winter the pixie cut will certainly be one of the styles of hair which could be more suitable to enhance your femininity and your personality. Therefore, try to play with the tufts and the locks, remembering to draw on the more casual and creative options, adopting a nice fake disheveled look. The important thing is that your appearance is as natural as possible: your hair will do the rest!


Bob short


In the list of the best short hair styles that we advise you to evaluate for the next few months, “our” best friend, the bob ! We have talked about the bob hundreds of times over the past few months, and for the moment we can only refer you to these insights to be able to know a little more. Here we limit instead to remember that it is an ultra-versatile style, and that it will therefore meet the needs of the many women who today are looking for a new style of short hair with which to enhance their own points of strength.




If you want to draw on a hair style with a great personality, the undercut is certainly what you need. It is in fact a short hair style that will allow you to play adequately on the contrasts of volume, giving you greater freshness and youth.


We leave you now with the promised gallery of 40 different short hair models on which we want to bet for the next few months. Browse it with your usual attention and try to understand what the best hairstyle can be for your style needs. Once this is done, you just have to customize it with your hairdresser and … let us know what the final result was!


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