Adorable short haircuts for girls and more!

Adorable short haircuts for girls and more!

Seductive, attractive, easy to wear, fun and casual. What are we talking about? But of course “new” short haircuts to be worn in 2017 in favor of all the young girls who love to give us a cut with their own look, and prefer to do so by preparing a nice simple and effective look, which can further enhance your beauty. The time in which the hair short was the exclusive reference of women a little later with the registry age has long since ended: here are some useful ideas to enrich your fan easy alternatives, and many photos to watch and share with your friends!


Ultra short


In the gallery that you will soon have the pleasure to browse, a first point of reference is certainly represented by the ultra short. It is a pixie cut not taken to the extreme, but almost: the look provides a clear androgynous reference, with a minifrange or a to be worn laterally. It is also a short hair style that will allow you to comb your hair, morning after morning, in a few moments. In short, a simple and effective look, sober and refined, which will give you an incredible order and a timeless charm!


Reverse Bob


We talked about it some time ago, and we return to talk about it today. The reverse bob is one of the most fashionable looks at the moment (it has also been in the last few seasons). It is in fact a very suitable hair style to be able to give you a lively style and seductive, dynamic and graceful. It is therefore an easy-to-recreate hair style, with which you could not distort your headband, but make it even more pleasant and in line with the needs of these months.


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Pixie with tuft


Another hair style that will absolutely not disappoint your expectations is represented by the pixie cut with tuft. In this case, in addition to the lightness of the lines, the advantage of the hairstyle will naturally be represented by the presence of a nice long side tuft, falling on the eyes, and possibly combable behind the ears. An “accessory” that will give you a new seduction, more modern and contemporary!


Undercut / sidecut with tuft


A more aggressive variant of the pixie cut with tuft , is that which involves the use of an undercut or sidecut. In this case, in fact, the game of contrasts that can be recreated is even more clear and evident, given that the side and back shaving will be compared with a nice tendency that tends to be long, going down along part of the face.

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