All very short haircuts to use next month!

All very short haircuts to use next month!

Although on the most recent occasions we have focused on stressing that very short hair is no longer of the greatest trend (compared to what happened a few seasons ago) and that many women are starting to prefer [19459002 ] cuts less short than in the past, this does not mean that these looks cannot however give the best results on you. But when and in what situations can very short hair really be a good added value for you? Let’s try to find out together and, of course, offer you some beautiful photographs!


Short hair: when is it good to use it?


The very short hair , as can be easily understood, have the main advantage of enhancing your face, acting as a sort of magnifying glass. Therefore, if you have a face with particularly feminine and delicate features, regular and tendentially oval, very short hair could be taken without particular caution. On the other hand, if you have a face that is too elongated or too square, or still too round, it would be good to approach very short haircuts with a pinch of additional attention, in order not to commit some gross style errors that it could affect the beauty of the final result.


A rating base for the coolest colors!


Once you have had the opportunity to study with your hairdresser which are the best short hair styles , and which colors you will be able to apply on them, you just have to take the only step and confirm your new look! As for the shades, the spectrum is quite wide: from platinum blonde to black raven , you should simply find the color that can guarantee you the best customization and enhancement . The choice is also made a little easier by the fact that in such a short hair extension it will not be possible to apply specific coloring techniques ( balayage , shatush , etc.), therefore summarizing the range of proposals.


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