Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!

Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!

Almond nails are particularly suitable for those who are equipped with a sufficient length of nails and who have very resistant nails. They are particularly “worn” by the stars, and above all by those stars who pay particular attention to detail and who like to keep every single aspect of their look well under control. Those who like to be particularly glamorous and follow the latest trends very carefully adopt this type of nail cut very often.


Characteristics of almond nails


As very often, and rightly, reported in the manuals for the care and treatment of nails, almond nails are often associated with the so-called “on the map” elongation and with gel reconstructions since as its own characteristics it is not particularly resistant and subjects the natural growth of the free margin to considerable stress and unsustainable tests.


What polish will I use for almond nails?


Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!


The nail polish (or even colored gel) absolutely suitable for this type of “nail look” is the so-called “ nude ” (we have already mentioned it in the past) in shades of beige, or even in dove gray hue. Some pink shades are also particularly suitable for this nail look. A very important thing: it is much better if the colored gel or the nail polish will be extremely glossed, as the brighter and therefore less nuanced, very firm and not very light colors have the bad characteristic of making the nail appear less sober, accentuate it vulgarity. Moreover, they also make it appear shorter and therefore give a more squat impression. A further addition of beauty can be given to almond-shaped nails with French , as long as with the “smiling” characteristic very accentuated. The french so made make the nails appear longer and add slenderness and elegance.


How to make almond nails


Let’s start with a little idea: making almond nails is not difficult, but you still need to be careful. First of all, you have to make them starting from a good length, since on too short nails it will be practically impossible to make them. Once you have grown your nails sufficiently, all you have to do is file them carefully, working the two external sides moving gradually towards the center in such a way as to form a tapered tip. Always proceed with particular calm and check that the sides are symmetrical: to help you, you can draw with the enamel a dot in the center (where the vertex of the almond should be) thus having a practical stylistic reference point.


How can I file my almond-shaped nails?


For the creation of the almond-shaped nail, first of all, it is necessary to work a nail of already sufficient length: it is not a realization that gives good results on short nails and the risk that you are facing is to have a result so disappointing that then it will be necessary to cut all the nails, shortening them, as a result, unfortunately drastically.


Having said that, filing does not present particular difficulties and, on the whole, fairly easy: it will be sufficient to start with the processing of the sides on the outside and then continue moving towards the center, so as to succeed in modeling a tip.


Calmness is due to the virtues of the strong, but also of the precise ones: use the right amount and always be particularly careful in verifying that both sides are perfectly symmetrical. In case of (legitimate) doubts, an excellent trick to test the symmetry of the modeling is to make a dot with the enamel at exactly the half of the free margin (where the top of this almond should be). By doing so you will have “built” a useful reference point to verify that the filing is symmetrical on both sides.


Images and some ideas


Below we have shown you some image that can be useful to you to see how almond nails can be created and then also how to proceed with their decoration or simple enamelling.


If you have found some that are to your taste and liking and you intend to make an attempt to make this manicure, then you could take a cue ( print the chosen images ) for the realization of your own personal nail art or, if you are a professional in this sector, to meet the needs and tastes of some of your customers who want to try to have almond nails, and take a cue.


Almond nail polishes


Once you have obtained a beautiful almond shape, it is time to apply a nail polish . But how do you do it? In principle, the most suitable nail polishes or colored gels for this kind of nails are those on the nude look and, therefore, beige, taupe or pink, possibly glossed properly. The brighter or less pale colors could instead give the impression of shorter and stocky nails, thus compromising the effort produced. But, of course, it’s not always like this …


Almond-shaped nails with white French


A nice picture of almond manicure with smiling white french


Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!


Almond nails with light glitter (in gel )


Gel manicure with a finish rich in clear rhinestones, truly beautiful, in our opinion.


Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!


Single color pink with tiny rhinestones


The final effect is really very elegant, the glitter at the base gives amazing light points and the accent with drop-shaped rhinestones gives a touch of refinement to the whole work.


Almond nails: some tips for an excellent manicure!


Acrylic micro-painting


If you are able to handle the brushes for acrylic painting and the painting itself with extreme precision, you can create fantastic decorations with the technique of micro-painting.


Almond nails, that’s what they are


Do you like almond nails ? For many of you, the answer has probably been positive. Almond nails have in fact found a rapid spread a few years ago, and today they are able to impose themselves on the fingers of many women, of all ages, and from all parts of the world. But why are these long, tapered nails, with the traditional moon shape, so popular? The almond nails are rather long nails which can be shaped like a classic almond. That is, an oval shape, slightly pointed, which can be obtained in a fairly simple way: it will be sufficient to file the two sides of the nail so that they are symmetrical, thus giving the impression of a positive elongation.


In doing this, you can of course rely on the hands of a test beautician. If you want to try it on your own, you can draw a line or a dot with the enamel, at the central point, which must remain longer than the rest (in short, the tip of your almond). By acting with the lime, you will certainly succeed, and gradually, to shape your nail as desired.


Almond nails, not for all!


Unfortunately, it should be remembered that almond-shaped nails are not really for all women. In particular, it is a form to keep away if you have very fragile nails and, therefore, you find it very difficult to keep them long. Once you have filed them in the desired shape, you will hardly be able to maintain them, precisely because of fragility.


However intuitive, there is still something you can do to strengthen your nails and therefore dedicate yourself to the construction of the already remembered almond nails: try buying strengthening cosmetics and, above all, to take care of your diet making it richer in vitamins and minerals that improve the quality of the nail: calcium, iron and B vitamins are a deadly mix!


Almond nails, nail polish is everything!


Once you have obtained the desired shape, you can certainly aim to find the nail polish that can do for you. The enamel will therefore become the real strength of this style, giving you a touch of personality that can only be appreciated by those who look at you. Everything will naturally be facilitated by the fact that on the market you can find hundreds of different glazes, and of different shades. What we advise you to do is, first of all, try to take a tour at the best shops in the sector: a first panoramic idea will allow you to open your eyes, and find out how wide the range of choices can be.


What colors are most suitable for nails with almond, we could talk very long. A first category of ideal glazes is probably the one that refers to the “nude” look, that is pink, taupe, beige, depending on your complexion.


A second category refers instead to the possibility of opting for very colorful almond-shaped nails. But be careful not to confuse this temptation with the possibility of being able to marry its approach in everyday life: better instead make almond nails with very vivid polish the occasion for a restyling on the occasions that matter, providing then to remove it in everyday life, to approach a more delicate and delicate nail polish.


We conclude our focus today by offering you a beautiful series of over 20 modern almond nail models that we recommend you look at and “copy” (if you like!) On your nail art. You will notice that with almond nails it is possible to obtain many very appreciable effects, and that it is possible to personalize every single detail at will. We have created a gallery of images for you that we recommend you consult: you can find the right source of inspiration for your new beauty.

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