Attractive new ways to style your pixie cut!

Attractive new ways to style your pixie cut!

We have written it thousands of times, and as fervent supporters we will continue to do it! The pixie cut is a short haircut extremely captivating, bold, modern, with a great personality. Still, there are still many women who are a little afraid of adopting a nice short or very short haircut, underestimating instead that many of these styles are exactly what they need. So let’s try to intrigue our readers with some nice alternatives of pixie cuts, with bangs, without bangs, asymmetrical or more symmetrical . Let’s take a passionate look!


Pixie short


Let’s start with shorter and less voluminous pixie cuts, able to appreciate linear and sinuous shapes of your face. It is haircut rather short, as already mentioned, very simple and – above all – very easy to manage. Considering also that the current fashion tends to prefer easier and more casual styles, we can only suggest its use to those women who want to give themselves a younger and more seductive image and, above all, want definitively (or temporarily!) say goodbye to too complex hair styles, which have stolen too much time in the mornings spent in the mirror, in the hope of getting the better of too naughty strands and tufts!


Pastel colors, why not!


Whether your choice falls – as described above – on a very short pixie cut, or whether it falls – as we will see – on a less extreme pixie , carefully consider the fortunate possibility of showing off a nice pastel color on your hair. Currently the trends more cool are not counted on the fingers of two hands, but we still feel to advise you as summer tones of great appeal the rose gold and pink . Very suitable, in both cases, for young women who want to give their haircut an even more sensual and personality image.


Another irresistible trend in the matter of pixie is the short pixie and light blond, tending to white and gray or, if you prefer, platinum. This is a trend that some women may find “excessive”, but for some people it is truly a real must have . If, however, you have a complexion that is not exactly clear, or you fear that the imminent tan is not of particular support, forget it and head elsewhere: the good alternatives are certainly not lacking!


Pixie short … but not too much


When we talk about pixie cut , the mind mainly resorts to extreme and very short cuts. In fact, as you can well see and touch (with your eyes) in the gallery that we will shortly present, the pixie cuts can be embraced with particular conviction even in their longer perspective, but identically fascinating and with personality. These are choices that could satisfy with great appeal even those people who fear a too short turn, and would therefore like to limit themselves to a more prudent choice. Combined with a beautiful fringe or with a nice tuft, it is definitely a successful hairstyling option, which we recommend you to evaluate … even if you start from an extra long style!

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