Auburn hair: 30 cuts for a trendy color!

Auburn hair: 30 cuts for a trendy color!

The auburn hair can have very different shades, for this reason it is not easy to identify a certain shade, from mahogany or Irish red, to lighter shades, the choice is really wide and can easily adapt to [ 19459004] very short cuts as well as long hair, whether straight, wavy or curly.


Whatever shade you prefer, that auburn hair is a trend of the moment , the high fashion catwalks and celebrities of the moment also testify to this.


Auburn hair, natural red hair: a rarity.


According to statistics about 2% of the world population has natural auburn hair, which are characteristic of cold countries and, therefore, mainly of northern European countries. Another curiosity is linked to the combination of auburn hair and light eyes. Most of the “redheads”, in fact, have brown or greenish eyes. While the combination of blue eyes and auburn hair is very rare, so much so that, according to some studies, this feature is on the verge of extinction due to the increase in the earth’s temperature. Could this “rarity” push fashion towards this trend?


The various shades of auburn hair, here are some tips


If you are not among the lucky few with natural auburn hair, it is always possible to be cool, thanks to the use of specific products and by resorting to professionals in the sector, who can enhance the hair , changing the color or simply illuminating it with reflections ranging from copper to darker rust. The hue to choose varies, however, according to your complexion. But make-up also does its part.


For those with blue eyes, fair skin and freckles, generally auburn hair is a perfect match. The recommended makeup is very natural, with sweet shades such as apricot or peach color. To avoid too dark colors, especially if you have very light skin.


Auburn hair: starting from a blond hair.


With blonde hair and a light complexion, the ideal is to choose an Irish-style coppery and a makeup with shaded pink tones also with gold or silver, while with brown hair a coppery tint is recommended with golden brown reflections to be combined with warm colors, such as brown and golden.


Auburn hair: starting from a brown hair


Finally, dark-skinned brunettes can opt for a dark red tint, which goes into mahogany and a make-up with shades tending to purple or plum, which give the look a very sensual air.


How to take care of your hair


It is good to specify that, since the auburn hair is photosensitive, it tends to fade with the sun and with the passage of time, it is necessary to follow some precautions . Here are some simple tips:


first of all, you should not wash your hair too often (no more than three times a week) and use not too hot water; use a protective shampoo, specific for dyed hair; hydrate the hair with specific products to maintain its brightness, even now the summer season is over, protect the hair from the sun’s rays with the use of hats or scarves.


Obviously, auburn hair, if worn long, requires greater attention as it is more prone to split ends and loss of hue.


Do it yourself. Products and tips


A valid alternative to beauty salons and above all a current trend is the use of natural products. To obtain auburn hair in a natural way, the most common product is certainly natural henna or Lawsonia inermis, which can be easily found in many herbalists.


Another product that naturally gives coppery highlights is bay leaf , the recipe is not difficult: just boil 5 bay leaves in a pan with water and clean them thoroughly, leaving them to infuse for about 15 minutes. Then remove the leaves and let the water cool down and pour onto damp, freshly washed hair. Cover hair that is still wet, without rinsing it with a cap and wait 20 minutes. Finally, rinse and dry the hair.


A product of common use, and easily available to obtain auburn hair with natural technique is black tea . In this case it will be necessary to leave the black tea leaves to infuse in warm non-boiling water and then apply it on wet hair. Or you can use beer, ideal for to give coppery highlights to dark hair .


It should be noted, however, that any substance used to obtain auburn hair will not have the same effect as the chemical dyes used by professionals in the sector. The final result will depend on the basic hair color , but it will certainly be very natural.


Copper-colored hair, here’s how to choose the best!


I copper-colored hair or – better – browns with coppery shades, are certainly one of the shades of color that best match all types of complexion. With different versions of nuance , the copper will in fact satisfy any female need: your only advice should be to identify the darker or lighter shade based on the color of the skin and eyes. If you don’t know which way to turn … don’t worry: in the following lines you will certainly find some useful ideas to distinguish your new copper look!


Auburn hair if you have light eyes


Let’s start with the hypothesis that you have clear eyes . For example, if you have charming green eyes , you can opt for a beautiful, very light copper brown, almost reddish . The effect – as you can guess – will be truly extraordinary, as it will be able to best enhance your eyes. If, on the other hand, you have blue hair, it is better to choose a dark auburn brown, which can give depth to the look (the light blue is still a cold color, which therefore needs to be combined with an intense color of the hair, to be able to contrast the basic brightness ).


Auburn hair if you have dark eyes


If, on the other hand, you have eyes dark , you must try to put in place some little different precautions to be able to highlight them. Our advice is to opt for a nice medium copper brown, which is neither too light nor too dark. It is possible to obtain the best results with the shatush , or with the presence of limited copper shades only on a few strands, so that special plays of light can be created to illuminate the look without creating an excessive contrast between the hair and the eyes.


When we then talk about auburn hair , we have to deal with the numerous shades that modern dyes are available today, together with a product quality that is increasingly attentive to hair health [ 19459003], to satisfy the different aesthetic needs and, never forget, of character.


To not cease to amaze us


From the fashion catwalks the signs, sometimes even extreme, never cease to amaze us. A nice red tending to orange for a fair complexion to enhance in all its beauty, or perhaps a cinnamon red to enhance a short cut on a woman with dark eyes .


But for those who do not feel like showing off a nice evident red , there is also the option of the copper reflection to add to the blond, ideal for light hair and for equally light complexions, wanting to reason with [ 19459007] tone on tone for a harmonious whole without excess in contrast.


And then, the mahogany coppery, for dark hair to create added value to the beauty of dark hair. An added value made of reflections, brightness that in synthesis express harmony ..


How to defend auburn hair


It should always be kept in mind that the copper tone, whatever it is, is always a delicate tone as it is photosensitive. With light it will tend to lose shine and intensity , so it is always good to use a suitable shampoo and products specially designed for auburn hair.


An infinite number of combinations for our copper-colored hair


The numerous brands of dyes will surely make a variety of tones available to satisfy the most disparate needs of color and especially the desire for auburn hair. Your trusted hairdresser


will surely be able to recommend the product that best suits your needs, in terms of color tone with respect to your skin type but also with respect to the cut you wear or decide to do, but no less important than the quality of the materials, for the health of the hair in particular and yours in general.


Once you have defined the tone of your auburn hair, you just have to enhance it with a appropriate make-up so that your personality, whether it is day to day shopping, in the office between colleagues or for a particular evening, it can always be expressed in the best way and your look be an element of safety always and in any case. Well, now you just have to browse our countless suggestions, the many photos selected for you and to choose your auburn hair .


Many photos for your taste choices


Finally, we close with a beautiful gallery that will offer you many different types of auburn hair . In this gallery, all you have to do is try to identify the final results that you believe can do the best for your restyling case. Always keep in mind the need to have to put in hand a shade that can best enhance your eyes and your complexion, using as a guideline the one we have outlined above. Once you have identified the “definitive” choice, talk to the hairdresser: you may find that in reality the choice is not as definitive as it seems … The customization changes are just around the corner!


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