Image is a work of integrity. The most important part of this whole is the colors! It is necessary to use colors correctly for a strong and real image. If the color choice is wrong, it overshadows the flawlessness of your outfit. Wrong colors result in a fiasco, and if you prefer colors that suit you, you can shine like a star. None of us can deny the effect of colors. For example, the color of your clothes in your closet directly affects not only your eye taste, but also your personality. A color can make you look weak or fat, old or young. You may even look impulsive or attractive. The right color ensures that your skin, hair and eyes are in perfect harmony.

Your biggest assistant to find the color shades that suit you best is your skin / hair and your eye color. For example, if your skin is in natural pinkish tones, you should stay away from warm colors. Cool beige, pastel shades, gray or navy are your colors. The second factor that will determine your color preference is how you want to look. You can take advantage of beige power to look sophisticated and elegant. And of course, the grays, dirty whites and indispensable black presented by the fashion industry every year! These are the colors that should be in your wardrobe.

Do you want to look young? It is also possible in colors. Vivid and your choice should be in favor of remarkable colors. These are sweet colors like navy blue, red, pink. Accessories in innocent pastel tones give you liveliness.


And looking weak! One of the common desires of femininity. Siyah As we all know, black’s expertise is to show it completely weak. But if you don’t like black, consider alternative colors. Such as brown, charcoal gray and navy blue .

And let’s come to color analysis table!


This table, where you can learn your color aura according to your hair, skin and eye color, is sure to help you a lot. Include more colors that suit you in your closet. Give those who do not suit them as a gift. 🙂


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