Balayage, a color that never goes out of style!

Balayage, a color that never goes out of style!

Is it worth going back to balayage? The answer is certainly positive! Although we have talked about the balayage several times in the recent past, it is always necessary to forget how useful it is to return to this topic, considering that even in 2016 this method of coloring will be confirmed as one of the most “in”. But what is balayage ? We try to run for cover for all women who have not noticed this prevailing trend in recent months!


The balayage is a technique of lightening of hair which allows all women to reduce their basic color by a few shades, guaranteeing their head the impression that could be obtained after prolonged exposure to the sun. In other words, thanks to the balayage it is possible to obtain very natural reflections on one’s hair, playing on a contrast that will be highly customizable, and which will satisfy both women who wish to have a slight movement of color, both women who instead love the strongest and sharpest contrasts.


In any case, the result will be remarkable and natural: the hair will appear much more alive and dynamic than you were used to, and what you will be able to achieve by using other less sophisticated techniques.


The above offers the starting point for a further focus: although the balayage can also be repeated at home, thanks to the kits you find on the market, always remember that it is a much more complex technique than to a common coloring of the hair in a homogeneous way. Not only that: the accuracy and goodness of the result also depends on the skill of the hands of the hairdresser and, therefore, this should be enough to be able to discourage you from undertaking such an attempt at coloring independently.


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Finally, remember that too frequent repetition of the balayage should be avoided. Although it is a highly tested and not too aggressive coloring technique, it still involves a little stress on your hair. For this reason, many hairstylists recommend limiting the application of balayage to no more than 2/3 times a year, directly from your hairdresser, who will certainly be able to identify the most effective products to guarantee a long-lasting result. .


Having said that, we just have to invite you to consult our photogallery today: many new ideas for a balayage able to enhance your beauty , and give the hair the refinement and refinement it deserves . What do you think? Which photo convinces you most?

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