Become like the stars ... in 25 short hair shots!

Become like the stars … in 25 short hair shots!

Once, short hair represented a minority niche within the world of hairstyles, predominantly dominated by the longer lengths, which were considered more feminine and seductive. In fact, today short hair represents not only an “equal” choice compared to medium or long hair, but they can also guarantee the achievement of an aesthetic appeal that knows no comparison!


If you don’t believe the few lines above, it is useful to find out how many VIPs over the years have migrated with conviction from long hair to short hair , managing to guarantee a truly unprecedented success. Year after year, season after season, the famous people who have abandoned long hair in order to get to a short haircut have grown out of all proportion, to represent a proud army of happy carriers of pixie cut, bob & co.!


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Today’s photogallery wants to be a mere example of what we said in the previous paragraphs: 25 shots that portray as many people in sight, who over the months and years have decided to cheer (and cheer fans) with one short hair style all to look at and imitate !


In short, today short hair can represent a valid alterative of style for all women who wish to be able to renew their look in a convinced way through a style that can guarantee them the right dose of expressiveness and female personality. Of course, today’s opportunity is very useful to reiterate the need to have some courage during this choice: we are well aware that the transition from long to short is often accompanied by a series of traditional fears, such as not to like loved ones (the partner, relatives or colleagues may not like this revolution) or even the fear that your trusted hairdresser does not understand what we want to achieve.


In the face of such worries, breaking the delay is certainly the best thing to do to resolve any doubts and questions. So, once you have identified the ideal result you want to achieve, talk about it in depth with your hairdresser, also explaining what your questions are. Spread as much information as possible to this professional, and try to be clear and straightforward with him. And remember: even if the end result is not convincing enough, there is always time and a way to fix it!


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