Belén Rodriguez changes her look and shows off her fringe!

Belén Rodriguez changes her look and shows off her fringe!

Belén Rodriguez changes her look! The new cut of the showgirl is super drastic, but temporary. The beautiful Argentine showed up on the set with a short and captivating fringe, following the trend that is depopulating among celebrities in this period.


Belén Rodriguez with the fringe


The change of season is always a good time to change your hairstyle and many stars allow themselves a new hair with the arrival of autumn; the pillars of show business love to overturn their image to lay down the latest trends. Also Belén gave in and let herself go with a saucy fringe , which, on the other hand, has really been very popular lately.


We also saw the same decision on the heads of Michelle Hunziker and Giulia De Lellis . The unpublished hairstyle of Argentina ended directly on social media and has made a lot of talk about itself. But the much hype was immediately dampened by the sad news: Belén’s new cut is nothing more than a wig used specifically for a photo shoot during which the showgirl posed.


The most beloved look of the shooting in question portrays Belén with a high-slit longuette, a white T-shirt and a pair of leopard-print pumps. But the real appreciation was given by his hair: super smooth frosted effect and a very thick, bangs. Given the rain of compliments perhaps Belén Rodriguez will think of adopting the permanently loved look in the near future?


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