Best Brown Hair Shades

Brown Tones Hair Colors

Although brown looks like an ordinary hair color, it has incredibly different shades underneath and cannot compete with any other hair color. From shades of chestnuts to honey to cocoa to daylight, from caramel to bronze and ashy, there are unlimited coffee tones.

Here are the best brown hair colors for different skin tones and eye colors…


Golden Brown Hair Color

Golden brown hair color, peach skin color and hazel, which are among the warm and intimate brown hair colors, achieve the best harmony with green eyes. You can follow Emma Watson with her gorgeous hair, which is emphasized with golden toning on light brown hair color.


Best Brown Hair Shades

Here is Emma Watson’s Magic Brown Hair Color


Cocoa Coffee Hair Color


Fine light brown shadows on light cocoa hair color that is neither matte nor too warm, compatible with blue or green eye color… Here is the perfect idea to revive you. Cocoa color, which can also be used with creamy yellow bales, is an excellent choice especially for light skin.


Brown Hair Color with Honey


Honey tones light brown, which is in the first place in the catalog of brown hair colors, can give the best result on dark yellow ground. As an example, consider Jennifer Lopez with gold skin color 😉 If you are looking for brown tones hair dye, keep in mind brown with honey.


Best Brown Hair Shades
Jennifer Lopez and perfect brown hair shades


Caramel Brown Hair Color


If you have warm skin and light brown eyes, you can choose caramel brown hair color shades. We recommend dark brown, caramel ombre to apply to the dark chocolate background color or baling. Caramel brown tones do not work well on pink skin alone.


Golden Bronze Hair Color


When it comes to brown hair tones, it is not possible to miss the golden bronze color that looks best on hot skin. But if your skin is white, we say avoid this color.


Sandy Brown Hair Color


Let’s come to those with white skin, light blue or light green eyes… Sandy brown hair color can be expressed as a light, cool beige shade. Coffee is one of the most elegant shades of hair colors. We recommend using yellow shades.


Dark Chocolate Hair Color


Delicious like chocolate, it appeals to both ears and eyes 🙂 It is among the brown hair colors that are richly toned, which can be applied with different shades and ombre in different colors, and that you can not give up when you try harmoniously with brown eyes. It is a signature color integrated with Eva Longoria. Our key point for this coffee hair color is that it is a bright shade and requires good care.


Best Brown Hair Shades
Dark brown is a shade that can be applied on hair








Light Ash Brown Hair Color


If you are looking for magical brown hair color, you are at the right place. Light ashy brown hair color will give a sophisticated mood, especially in light blue or brown eyes. If your natural hair color is light brown, you can use light ashy shadows.


Sunkiss (Sun kiss)


If your floor color is brown tones, we highly recommend you to try sun kiss. The return of the holiday gives the air that seems light and naturally opened. It got its name as Sunkiss because it looks like it was opened in the sun. It is light as the natural touch of the sun and is recommended for brown hair owners in terms of being compatible with every skin. We think the hair of Sofia Vergara is the best example for this tone.


Best Brown Hair Shades
You can apply many different shades of baler on brown hair.


Dark Brown Copper Hair Color


We have a great suggestion for dark brown hair color owners. Undoubtedly, copper color, which is a rich toned and warm tone and among the brown hair dye shades, suits most brunettes. Compatible with brown and green eye color, it looks exquisite with its medium tone skin color.


Cinnamon Brown Hair Color


Brown, hazel and green eye colors and brown tones that will revive medium and dark skin color will be recommended. Cinnamon brown color ..


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