Best colors for short hair, 35 new alternatives to evaluate!

Best colors for short hair, 35 new alternatives to evaluate!

A brief extraction of some styles that seem to be quite convincing for your style needs, and that have already been used (and abused!) By stars all over the world, always looking for the best as regards their own look .


As for short hair, the impression is that much will still depend on the short bob. However, the helmet can be personalized in the 80s key, with a clear androgynous look that can give a truly enviable sensuality to all the women who choose to wear it and to decline it carefully. Especially try to keep the lengths on the top and the sides behind the ears, and the result will be truly formidable.


If you still love shorter hair, you can focus on a boyish cut, with a long tuft on the forehead – to be worn even with a slight wet effect. Well, even a punk-inspired pixie hairstyle, with mini fringe, French style, or more eye-catching forelock. Shaving on the sides can also be dared, provided that the effect that such a choice will have on the visual impact is well calculated.


In short, alternatives are certainly not lacking. Also because, in addition to the cuts mentioned above, you can well propose the dozens of choices that we have already had the opportunity to formalize over the past few months, and which will also be the most popular in January. You just have to look at our umpteenth photogallery dedicated to short hair , and have your hairdresser hold scissors, comb and hairdryer: the final result will undoubtedly be sensational, and will be modeled, day after day, on the basis of your actual connotations of style and charm.


As can be understood by all the women who have read us affectionately in recent months, there is no clear answer and, as our photo gallery can well represent today, new colors seem to appear with conviction on the horizon, making it even more complicated trying to find the best color for your hair. So what to do?


Among the most fashionable colors, marsala stands out, elected as the color of the year by Pantone. “Certainly being a red nuance cooled by violin pigments, in its total color it could be experienced as eccentric and niche, but in reality it can be seen as a simple nuance with natural positioning at the tips: it would thus represent one of the splendid nuances for beige leathers and olive trees, both light and dark, alternatives to the reassuring bronde “- said Filetti in this regard.


In addition to this, ronze, a color that can warm scarlet nuances, seems to be identifiable as a fundamental trend color – concludes Filetti – “especially by blending them with light, ivory, peach skin (in many cases rich in ephelids ). In our Compagnia della Bellezza salons the new ‘buzzing’ reds are technically diluted by gold already in the background color. They are then made intense and vibrant by microscopic and invisible internal chunks which are lighter (in red gold tones) and darker (in chocolate tones with milk). This blush technique determines an intense and deep compact result ”.


And what do you think? Which color will you rely most on over the next season?


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