Best short haircuts for the next month

Best short haircuts for the next month

If you have followed us with parrticular attention over the last few years, you should know how much we believe the short haircuts an ideal choice to be able to give yourself a new “air”. On the other hand, it is a hairstyle of great charm, femininity and personality, able to enrich your beauty with an entirely new approach that, perhaps, is worth experimenting with. However, before taking too much emphasis on the decision to cut hair , try to understand what is really best to do based on the shape of your face and your personality …


Which short cuts to adopt?


In order to give you one more chance of reaching the desired result without committing risks, below we have chosen to offer you a nice series of different styles of short hair that could do to your case. You will easily realize how vast and heterogeneous the choice is: better the very short or the short tending towards medium ? Better the fringes or the tufts? Better a flat and linear cut, or a geometric and asymmetrical one? Better a scaled cut or one paraded ? In short, what to choose once you have arrived at your favorite hairdresser?


spoiled for choice!


Leafing through our gallery today you will quickly realize how real the embarrassment of choice is. In fact, you can admire how attractive “A” cuts can be, the most asymmetrical short haircuts, the geometric and short bob , the pixie more cheeky, the spiky and so on . And what about the colors to be adopted? Alongside the more traditional tones, the shades that were once considered narrow niches have long been joined: from lavender to pink, there is no boundary in your creativity and in your freedom ability to adopt the look [19459004 ] to your personality.


Styles not to be missed!


To conclude, we are pleased to offer you a beautiful gallery of 37 different short hair styles that you will probably want to experiment with or at least to evaluate in the company of your friends or your hairdresser in the next few days. In fact, these are very varied and different styles, but united by the unique and unmistakable advantage of being able to make themselves incredibly attractive and able to give you a new style and a new contemporary charm. Try to take a look at the series below and try to talk about it with your hairdresser: the stylistic turning point is around the corner!


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