Black and purple hair, another deepening all for you!

Black and purple hair, another deepening all for you!

Of the black and purple hair we have spoken several times in the recent past and, considering that this is a trend in the process of further affirmation, we will probably return to speak again in the times to come. But why is it worth returning so frequently to this hair style ? And why are we convinced that 2019 will see this hairstyle appear on the hair of many women?


Black and purple hair, a “vibrant” choice!


Black and purple hair, another deepening all for you!

Photo Credit @alfredo_lewis


The choice to distinguish one’s hair with beautiful black and purple hair can be representative of a desire to clearly express one’s personality externally. However, woe to think that this is a purely “ extreme ” choice. It is in fact an option that, if until not too long ago it was typical of rock and punk attitudes, today it can be pleasantly married by all women who want to feel fashionable, resorting to a bit more panache.


Black and purple hair, both long and short


The contrast created between black hair and purple can be easily adapted to all hair lengths. You can therefore choose to wear this mix of colors directly on your long hair, or make it the protagonist of a short hair. In any case, it is a particularly appropriate choice that will not fail to create certain satisfactions!


How to wear purple


There is no single way to be able to wear purple on one’s hair black hair but … nothing prevents us from trying to hypothesise some useful ideas to better enhance this true symbol of beauty.


Let’s start by remembering that purple, the cross between red and blue, has yellow as a complementary color (that is, its opposite in the chromatic wheel). And here, yellow seems to be the right color to be able to approach a strong contrast – albeit pleasant – with the viola, perhaps by applying it on accessories and jewelry. If you are looking for a less strong contrast you can instead opt for the pink , which can be combined very well in the make-up of the eye area, giving a sense of romance that certainly does not hurt.


Black and purple hair, another deepening all for you!

Photo Credit @headrushdesigns


How to choose the right shade of purple


If you want to know more about how to choose the right shade of purple, the starting point can only be the analysis of the color of your skin: who has olive or tanned skin can choose a darker violet, while those with very light skin can use shades of lighter violet, on condition of making up the eyes (otherwise, the washed-out effect is around the corner!).


Finally, we conclude our study with another photogallery of sure impact: many styles of black and purple hair that we advise you to look at and evaluate very carefully … they may contain your new hairlook!

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