Black hair: cuts and shades not to be missed!

Black hair: cuts and shades not to be missed!

To soften the contrast between black hair and complexion color , to ensure that the two colors can better harmonize with each other, black hair they can be enlivened by the presence of reflections , or with a particular effect as can be one shatush or even the sunstrokes to obtain more natural effects, or with a very strong colored touch as it can be a hair chalk .


Some ideas to understand if they are right for you


The black hair is surely the dream of many women who love to be able to show off a hair corvina long or short . The reason is quite simple: just think of how black can give a touch of sensuality to any haircut, and to any hairstyle . It is therefore a tone that, more or less homogeneous, will be able to give you some very rich hints of beauty, allowing you to wear the impression of a new, even more elegant hairstyle.


Why exactly black?


There are numerous advantages that should allow you to evaluate the use of black with great positivity. Just think how black knows how to frame the face in a clear way, highlighting the features and eyes, and combining very well with the darker complexion, the amber hue or the olive, typically Mediterranean. However, nothing prevents women with very light complexions from being able to obtain identical satisfactions from black hair: the lighter skin will have to work with make-up, favoring bright shades, especially for face makeup, avoiding the dark effect which instead may appear more unwelcome.


How to manage black hair


Having said that, we can take a small step forward in the formulation of a small guide for the better management of black hair , and remember how the perfect administration of a raven hair depends a lot on the starting color . For example, if your starting color is clear, or very light, you will have to put your soul in peace: in fact, the roots will need to be touched up very often. If, on the other hand, you are even blonde , you should try to find a good hairdresser to rely on, as it will be quite difficult to quickly reach the desired color.


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How to show off your black hair?


Finally, ask yourself – and share with you! – whether or not there is a recommended haircut for your hair black . Well, even in this case our answer is unfortunately … negative! There is no haircut that can go absolutely better than the others, on all women. However, if you are looking for some good emotions and some useful tricks, you can try experimenting the geometric cuts and the helmet. If, on the other hand, you do not want to abandon long hair, know that even on the longest hair, black hair will give its best. Always remember to arrange the cut on the shape of your face, and leave the rest to black !


Black hair, how to model the best makeup!



The black hair is certainly a set of shades that have given immense satisfactions to women of all ages (and as many satisfactions are destined to give!). Some combinations (such as the contrast between black hair and light skin) are able to ensure ideal style results that many women try to pursue with particular confidence, in order to reach a look goal that can give them incredible lasting joys in terms of style. But how can you safely show off your black hair, combining this hair with a nice makeup?


In the first place, we remember how very light skin is certainly the ideal starting point to be able to approach a make up useful to be able to enhance your black hair , but it is also a potentially very risky starting point, as its contraindications (think of the too visible redness, or the dark circles under the eyes) could jeopardize the final result.


So, if you have black hair and very light skin, you can try to model your make-up by focusing primarily on a dark circles that can give more brightness to your face, and a foundation that is not far from your real life. complexion color.


Once you have applied foundation and dark circles (remember that you don’t have to go overboard with the applications!), You can proceed with the real eye make-up. If the make-up is destined to make its appearance during the day, it is better to opt for light eye shadows in shades of beige, butter, hazelnut or light gray. If, on the other hand, you have to show off a beautiful evening look or for particular events, it is certainly better to use a beautiful smokey eye makeup, which has been going for several seasons. The eyes will be easily highlighted, and the end result will be spectacular thanks to the synergy with the fair skin and with the black hair.


And what about the cheeks and mouth? Never forget about these seductive elements! And therefore, go ahead with a blush on the cheeks that can focus with some ideal colors such as peach and pink (soft). The mouth must instead follow the ordinary rules: if the eyes are heavily made up, it is better to limit oneself to keeping the lips natural. If you want to use products, focus on peach or pink glosses, and the result will be guaranteed.


Colored reflections on black hair


Black, as is well known, is one of the deeper colors , consequently few are the reflections that can stand out on it: purple, a more “particular” alternative to a color mahogany, red, also obtainable with henna, and which goes very well with the colors on brown bases , and also the blue that is obtainable with a dye or a reflective product.


Sunstroke on black hair


If we want the sunstrokes to be clearly visible on black hair sometimes it is necessary to resort to light lightening . The shades of the mechès must always be harmonized with those of the bases. It is possible, for example, to have a coppery or bronde lightening, but only if the basic coloring has in itself mahogany or red reflections.


Shatush on black hair


Why should it not be possible to have one shatush on black hair ? For the tonality, however, keep in mind the same considerations made for the highlights: we avoid too sharp a detachment if we want to avoid that the results are too unnatural .


Hair chalk


When you have black hair then you can also indulge yourself with this methodology, the “ hair chalk “, the so-called “colored chalks”, in all their “crazy tint ”, Being able to experiment with every shade of the rainbow, going from blue to pink and from yellow to green.


Black hair, how to show it off in the best way


The black hair represents a fundamental weapon of charm and seduction. But are we sure we have understood how to approach a beautiful dark brown look in the 2019 winter season?


In order to fully answer this question, and clear the field of easy misunderstandings, we remember first of all that by black hair we mean here hair not only raven black, but also very dark brown, brown, or even black with some copper or golden reflections . Shades that move better with heterogeneous complexion (from ivory to olive) and with as many heterogeneous eye colors.


Having said that, for the 2019 winter season the top seems to be represented by the abandonment of black hair too homogeneous, and by the single marked tint. Instead, it is better to approach mixed shades, with shades of locks and partial bleaching that will give the hair greater vitality, giving lighter shades of natural ones, in order to give greater intensity to the face.


Instead, what you should avoid is approaching a color that is too clean and too homogeneous black hair: a risk that becomes a certain prejudice for women of a certain age, whose mature presence cannot be enhanced by a [19459004 ] hair color which, instead, will end up accentuating potential defects. It is therefore better to approach black hair with some effect shades, perhaps following the trends of recent years.


What if you don’t have black hair natural ? Even in this case, not all is lost, quite the contrary. There are not a few celebrities who have achieved a drastic success by switching to black hair, although not starting from a dark mode. However, it is necessary to prepare adequately for this choice, making sure that the transition to black hair is not the result of a temptation of the moment but, on the other hand, can be considered as the last step of a particularly planned process (in the company of your trusted hairdresser).


Therefore try to imagine yourself with black hair , and also try to understand how black hair can be perfectly customized according to your specific needs. A preventive study that will allow you to arrive at the desired result with a greater degree of reliability, and that will allow you to protect yourself from any debacle that, we are sure, is certainly not the case to deal with as the winter season approaches!


Short black hair, more volume to your hair


Black hair: cuts and shades not to be missed!

Short and black hair @


Another fantastic advantage that only short and black hair will be able to give you, is the impression of giving your hair greater volume. A benefit that with other hairstyles and other colors would be very difficult to obtain, and that instead through this mix you will be able to conquer extraordinarily quickly, at any time of the day. How many times have you woken up wishing to have a more voluminous and shining hair? With short and black hair it will become a game … or almost: try it to believe it!


Lots of style opportunities


Yet another advantage of the short and black hair is represented by the possibility of giving you endless hairstyle opportunities. For example, you can opt for a nice pixie style, or for a short bob with fringe, or even for an asymmetrical bob. In short, you will have hundreds of different variants available, within which you should be skilled enough to intercept the one that can best enhance your beauty and your charm. Try to imagine the final result and, on the basis of it, go backwards until you find out which cut can best enhance your figure.


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