Blonde hair, how to make it even brighter with little effort!

Blonde hair, how to make it even brighter with little effort!

You have excellent blonde hair but in recent times they seem rather dull, and they seem almost unrecognizable when compared to the last time you went to a good hairdresser? It is therefore worth trying to run for cover: know that in order to make blond hair healthier and more stronger, and revive their original color, it is sufficient to resort to a few simple products based on natural illuminating oils, and the right care to be able to allow the hair to reinvigorate the glories of the past. But what are they?


Blonde hair = constant care


The first concept that we advise you to keep in mind is that in order to have a blond hair that always shines, it is advisable to try to give constant care. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to give the idea of ​​healthy and perfectly fit hair externally. To achieve this goal, however, as we have already mentioned, it is necessary to try to pay almost daily attention, to be personalized and differentiated on the basis of the type of hair.


As you should already know if you have read all our focus in recent years, in fact, the most suitable products for your hair also change significantly depending on whether the hair is straight or curly, long or short, have undergone treatments or not.


Blonde hair, how to make it even brighter with little effort!

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Having clarified the above, we can only recall from these few lines that one of the reference points for the frequent care of your hair can only be represented by the shampoo . In fact, in order to give a maximum impression of shine, it is first of all necessary that the hair be clean. The skin must be cleansed with a slightly aggressive shampoo, and only small quantities, diluted with water, must be used.




Even the conditioner represents one of the main “ingredients” of a good recipe for to treat your hair . It serves in fact to give shine to hair and nourish them in depth. It will be sufficient to apply it on the lengths, taking care to choose the elements of greater relevance: for example, in order to make the blonde bright it might be appropriate to choose something based on honey, saffron or lemon, unmistakable mix to try to give the right nourishment to the hair, while reinvigorating its color.




Even too underestimated even by women who are more attentive to the health of their hair, the protective sprays can allow for greater protection against hair. These are really very useful products, especially before some treatment and exposure to the open air for a long time. In this sense, it may be useful to try to spray these products before drying your hair with the hair dryer which, as we have already mentioned, is a danger for the well-being of your hair : therefore avoid using it at temperatures too elevated and when you are finished passing the hairdryer with hot air, pass it with cold air to be able to close the cuticles and leave the hair shinier.




Do not underestimate the possibility of using oils, especially if you want to make good styling without weighing down the hair and, on the contrary, trying to nourish it at the same time.


At this point, we can only proceed with our usual graphic suggestions. Therefore, look at the photogallery that we have been able to prepare for you, and try to understand if there are particularly attractive and convincing models inside for your blonde look. If so, don’t forget to talk about it with a good hairdresser and to study with him what it is possible to do in order to try to reinvigorate and make your styling even more brilliant!


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