Blonde streaks, all the secrets to get the most out of it!

Blonde streaks, all the secrets to get the most out of it!

In the not too distant past, streaks were considered the easiest way to obtain a result of great coloring / bleaching effect on one’s hair. Then came other more modern techniques that can provide a more natural result. However, woe to think that the blonde streaks went to the attic: revised and integrated with the latest trends of the moment, in fact, the streaks can guarantee a renewed youth, and give to all the women who choose to approach the most suitable satisfactions to this hair style.


Meches, a story that starts from afar


The blonde streaks are certainly one of the most appreciated hair coloring techniques , and its origins are lost in the mists of time (or almost). On the other hand, the reason for this success is easily imaginable: with a now consolidated and risk-free technique, it is possible to give your hair pleasant light effects, helping to illuminate not only the hair, but also your face.


Precisely for this reason the streaks have had the opportunity to make themselves widely appreciated among women more attentive to fashion, who in the blonde streaks , and in their more contemporary reinterpretations, have placed great trust in order to obtain important additional beauty pieces. In fact, today there is no longer the only application of streaks on brown hair (perhaps with large locks, as was used some time ago) but rather the use of different varieties of streaks, very customizable.


The new blonde streaks you can’t do without!


In short, when we talk about blonde streaks it would be appropriate to remember how wrong it is to think about these styles of hair in a traditional way. The streaks no longer aim to create a strong and clear light – dark contrast, but to make the overall look appreciated with strokes of real works of art.


What effects can we achieve with streaks


Through a fair application of the streaks blondes it will therefore be possible to identify many ideally pleasing styles. For example, streaks with a retractable effect can be applied, dedicating to the discoloration only thin strands that tend to disappear naturally within the hair complex. The goal will therefore certainly not be to create color contrasts, but to give a greater quantity of light to the hair and, therefore, to your face.


If instead you want to give your hair a three-dimensional effect, we should pay more attention to the volume effect and, therefore, to embrace very accentuated highlights, to be applied by removing the hair and creating a greater contrast, starting from the hair root or only on the surface of the hair (therefore leaving the darker roots).


Among the most modern blonde highlights, the effect horizontal stands out: in this case, only a horizontal band of hair is bleached and toned, which gradually tends to fade towards the tip of the hair. The effect you can achieve will be very innovative and bright. Among the other most sought after effects in recent months with blonde streaks, also the possibility of lightening and coloring your hair in different shades, creating a mix of shades that will certainly not go unnoticed.


Photogallery to taste!


As our habit, we close this study with a nice photogallery to be enjoyed! Inside you will find many style hypotheses with blonde streaks, ready to replicate on your head. It is sufficient to consult it carefully, identify the images that seem to be right for you, and finally try to understand how to adequately customize the various styles on your complexion and on your type of hair. Having said that, break any delay and get ready to wear a new hairlook … and let us know how it turned out!


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