Bob and round face: many ready-to-use solutions!

Bob and round face: many ready-to-use solutions!

Do you have a nice round face and you fear having to give up a nice bob short ? There is nothing more wrong, given and considered that the bob can be easily customized on the basis of any face, obtaining immediate satisfaction! Therefore, woe to think that the bob short cannot adapt to even the most plump and rounded faces: it is enough to consider some quick advice, and rely on the expert hands of an expert hairdresser .


Each has its own roundness


The starting point for identifying the best short bob to submit to your face is to understand how effectively your face is actually round. To do this, you can also rely on mathematics, measuring the extension and width of the face in centimeters and millimeters. Also take a look at the cheekbones, which are generally quite plump and full.


Scalature & co.


Once you understand how round your face really is, you can take a step forward and understand – perhaps, in the company of your hairstylist – how to approach the right look . Our suggestion is to avoid cuts that are too smooth and too short, aiming instead for a nice short bob tending to the middle, possibly choppy or, in any case, not too “attached” to the features and, above all , properly scaled to be able to create volume where it is needed.

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