Bob for autumn winter: will the shaggy bob win?

Bob for autumn winter: will the shaggy bob win?

The bob is definitely the most popular hair style of the moment . In fact, it is a super customizable helmet, which you will certainly have the opportunity to also weigh on your head, playing with different lengths, shades, scales, fringes, tufts and so on. In short, a beautiful reference point on which to build your own personal style, and on which we want to focus today by offering you a gallery with over 50 shots that immortalize the beauty of this hairstyle , with a starting point: the prevailing will be the shaggy bob , which has recently returned to fashion, or this version of the bob is not as mature yet as it seems?


The shaggy bob


Lo shaggy bob is a short but not very short bob . The aspect that you will be able to achieve by marrying this style is certainly very feminine , although the moderate lengths suggest more of a more aggressive and less romantic style. . In reality, however, the shaggy bob will be able to give you added values ​​of romance on every look, adapting very well both to everyday life and to those occasions when it is perhaps appropriate to try to show your image in a totally new and more refined key.


It is in fact a bob that does not exceed the chin , which can be enriched with a fringe to wear evenly on the eyes or long and lateral. The beauty and charm of this cut rests on the fact that it is a super versatile style and that, despite being tendentially short, can be worn in dozens of different ways, perhaps combing it smoothly rather than messy, sober or more casual. The impression you will get will still be excellent, especially if you are going to enhance it with a rear scaling, or on the whole hair, depending on your real needs and what you will be able to share with your hairdresser.


Who can use the shaggy bob?


Before leaving you with our photogallery of over 50 different types of bobsleigh (inside which you will certainly find several shaggies ready for use!), Give us a little useful insight to be able to answer a very common question among our readers: who is the shaggy bob good for ? In principle, this helmet is good for everyone, giving a graceful image to both long and more square faces. The important thing is, as always, trying to find the most suitable way to arrange it and to comb it based on the shape of the face. For pointed and oval faces it is better, for example, to have a more orderly shaggy, while if you have an angular face you can opt for a more scaled and messy hairstyle.


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