Bob hair: 70 cuts for 2019 not to be missed!

Bob hair: 70 cuts for 2019 not to be missed!

The bob hair , or bob, are some of the favorite cuts of Italian women – and not only! The reason is also well framed in the possibility of being able to easily arrange one’s hair in a short or medium bob, managing to easily conquer an excellent trend. As demonstrated by the most recent fashion catwalks of recent seasons, the bob hair – both short and long, the so-called “Long bob” – they had a top place in the stalls of the trendiest looks of the moment.


On the other hand, the helmet represents the pleasant middle ground between a medium abundant cut and a very short cut – like the pixie cuts that we have talked about several times in recent months. A short cut , very feminine, also declinable in a cheeky way, which can adapt to all women (from the youngest to the most mature ones, from those who have the smoothest hair to those who have moved hair ). The important thing, as we repeat on every occasion, is to choose the right solution, perfectly adapting your face and complexion to the chosen hair.


But what are the best bob hairs?


The first hypothesis that we would like to submit to you is, quite simply, the classic bob. It is a scaled helmet and smooth, which can still guarantee a fair volume. Obviously a very simple cut, suitable for all women, with a color to gradually fade.


Another bob very suitable for the next season, mainly declined for more adult women, is instead the slightly longer one than the traditional short bob, able to adapt to the needs of those women who do not want to move too far from their own usual medium cut. It is an elegant bob, sufficiently scaled, refined and suitable for any day or night occasion. Another very trendy bob is the particularly short one: it is a bob that dares more than the traditional version, and which however aims at a clear break through the application of a nice side tuft .


Bob hair, don’t underestimate the bangs


The fringe has been at the center of the attention of hairstylists from all over the world for many years, who see this element as a timeless object of appeal. Straight and hard, it can guarantee a very simple hairstyle capable of hardening the delicate features of the woman, highlighting the eyes. Finally, the proposal of a wavy bob, practically perfect for those women who have a heart-shaped face. It is a more sophisticated bob than the other alternatives, which may perhaps be a good choice in a gala evening, or rather elegant.


Pixie cut and bob


The pixie cut, in particular, seems to be able to guarantee a very long life, given and considering that nothing seems to be able to scratch its irresistibility. It is a cut that has never gone out of fashion, and is now able to experience a second or third youth, especially after the sudden renewals by the most popular hairdressers of the moment.


Basically, the way to an excellent pixie cut is always the same: the cut remains shorter behind and longer in front. From this starting point, however, you can proceed to customize the cut as you wish. The trends come directly from the 60s, when Twiggy wore it smoothly, or from the 80s, when it became synonymous with rebellion and a “rock” approach. Or, again, from the 90s, when the pixie cut was declined in terms of seduction.


The pixie cut is also easy to comb, and just change a few tufts to radically change one’s appearance and personality. As for the possibility of adapting to specific faces, on the oval ones, the pixie cut can be very short and extreme, while on the long ones you can adapt short pixie cut style cuts but unkempt on the nape. On the square face, space with back and catwalk volumes.


In this sense, one of the cuts and hairstyles that we want to recommend is certainly the one with helmet , a style that can guarantee many variations that – certainly – will not lead you to the risk of confusing yourself with your friends. and colleagues. Among the best helmets of the moment we highlight first the wavy one: a style that – we are sure – will also be particularly popular in the coming months. It will be sufficient to share with your hairdresser the possibility of applying a rather decisive scaling, with the back part cut a little shorter than the front one. The medium length of the helmet will also allow you to approach a wavy style, very elegant and dynamic.


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What are the best asymmetric bob cuts?


The asymmetrical bob can, moreover, lend themselves well to any type of face. Thanks to their ease of customization and thanks to the possibility of simply playing with more or less extended volumes or tufts, you will certainly be able to find the most suitable alternative to enhance your beauty strengths, and perhaps conceal some small aesthetic flaws.


Whether it’s asymmetric bobs enhanced with a nice tuft or a fringe, with wavy or straight hair, with dark or light colors, we are sure that all women will be able to show off with conviction an asymmetrical bob from the next few days, going like this to characterize their autumn and winter hair styles in a more unique and creative way.


Our advice is of course to carry out a similar evaluation in the company of your most trusted hairdresser, and to study with him the possible (but probable!) Modifications of the same style. A few millimeters more or less, a more or less extended forelock or a more or less excessive scaling is sufficient to obtain the most pleasant results.


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