Bob with side forelock: a joker for style and elegance

Bob with side forelock: a joker for style and elegance

The helmets , the bob (to put it in English), have always existed and will never die. They have accompanied many stars and celebs throughout their life, and still accompany them, both in the long and short version. Today we talk about a bob in particular: the bob with side tuft !


One of its most beautiful versions.


We have always loved the tuft, especially the one that is a bit long and lateral and, as you know, we are also fans of the bob, of the helmet. Well: why not combine our two loves in a versatile, extroverted, slightly cheeky, but always so much, but very elegant, bob with side forelock? In fact, it was not we who invented it, there are many examples of models and celebrities who use this magnificent hairstyle and, moreover, it is a hair cut that is perfectly suited to the summer, the summer that is about to come.


The bob with side tuft not by chance constitute a kind of trump card , a joker that allows to to excel both for elegance and for refinement , both for style and for sobriety. If you take a look at the thirty images that we offer you at the end of the article, you can only agree with us!


Yes, but let’s not forget femininity!


Another of the characteristics that make the bob with side forelock an inimitable cut is the enhancement of the femininity of the wearer: the bob, with its soft curves, in itself is already an icon of femininity, if we add the side tuft that underlines and frames a bewitching look, it reaches the top of the values ​​of femininity that a haircut can express.


The bob with lateral forelock and its variations.


Practical and comfortable, this extraordinary hair cut can also be easily customized by simply making a few “variations on the theme”. We can choose different positions or orientations of the row that can be in the center or on the side, we can, for example, also shorten the lengths perhaps by opting for smoothing with a beautiful “sleek” effect. But why not personalize it even with very soft waves? As you can see, the versatility of this cut is truly exceptional and allows us to easily adapt it to our tastes, however precise and particular they may be.


The bob with side forelock and celebs.


It is no coincidence that many celebrities have adopted him , among these we remember Katy Perry (seen with a side-tufted bob with black roots and lengths and tips pastel green!), Alyssa Miller with a more classic bob with a row in the center, Aubrey Plaza, with the smooth sleek effect bob we mentioned above), Christina Hendricks, who sports her beautiful bob with a side tuft of a bright coppery red color, Emma Roberts, with her wavy blonde and soft waves on the lengths, Milla Jovovich, who in the lateral forelock frames a fulminating gaze, and this only to name a few, but the list of the stars who adopt the bob with lateral forelock could never end [ 19459010].

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