Brand new pixie cut for those with wavy hair

Brand new pixie cut for those with wavy hair

Women who have wavy hair should not be afraid of showing off their dynamic hair even with a nice pixie cut . Indeed, the can well represent an ideal landing place for all those women who wish to abandon a medium cut, going to renew their look with great incisiveness, giving themselves a more slender or more rounded aesthetic impression depending on the way where your hairstyle will be arranged. In short, even for women with wavy or curly hair, the pixie cut is what you need: a strong hair style with a great personality, which will certainly not disappoint your rich expectations!


The secret is personalization


As to why we are so sure that the pixie cut can adapt well to your hair and your face, we have no big doubts. The pixie cut is in fact one of the most customizable hair styles, and we are sure that with a pinch of attention and skill (of your hairdresser!) You will be able to find the ideal solution for to be able to enhance your beauty and make it even more unique and inimitable.




A good starting point to enrich your pixie cut of great thickness, is to reason with your hairdresser if it is still worthwhile – as happened last year – to focus on the contrasts of volume and color. As for the former, the shaves (undercut or sidecut) if delicate and gradual, can certainly represent a keystone to structure your new, very personal look. Try to calibrate the shaved areas and the larger volumes well, and try to understand if they can do for you, based on the characteristics of your face.


Speaking of contrasts, try to understand if even on your short and wavy hair there is space to be able to play on the differences in shades. Even a reduced hair extension will not stop you from approaching fantastic light effects.

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