Brand new short hair styles for your winter!

Brand new short hair styles for your winter!

Are you thinking of cutting your hair but you don’t know what hairstyle to choose? Have your long hair tired you and now do you think it is appropriate to try to adopt a more seductive short hair style ? Well, we have what’s in store for you, also considering that the change of season will guarantee you the possibility of adopting a radical change of looks, thus preparing you for the possibility of spending a winter in style!


Very short?


Know that if you are thinking of changing your style, and you are unsure which way to go, the very short hair could guarantee you the best satisfactions: the very short hair are the classics short hair [19459003 ] “To the boy”. You can therefore indulge yourself by focusing on a beautiful shaved neck, or very short, with a longer top tuft – as it is used in these months – to comb forward or backwards according to the occasion and to your taste.


This is obviously an haircut extremely comfortable and versatile, which we recommend to all younger women and to those who, in general, want to give themselves a very practical and sporty. Also keep in mind that this type of hair can be easily maintained, considering that it dries quickly and does not need any styling (often, not even for the tuft!).


Medium short?


Another very “in” choice of the season is that which involves the use of a medium short haircut: it is a cut particularly used by those more undecided women, since it is an extremely prudent and versatile, on par or slightly scaled, to be worn slightly above the ears. It is therefore a truly ideal hair style if you do not want to make a radical haircut , since you are not yet sufficiently convinced that the short haircut can fit your face. Again, keep in mind that it is a hair style that is particularly suitable for marrying the fringe , one of the trends of the moment.




Before launching on our photogallery, try to make some good assessments regarding the hair colors that you may choose to adopt in the near future. Over the next season, in fact, both the use of the more modern techniques and the use of more homogeneous colors will be particularly fashionable. Both choices will also give their best on hair short , certainly giving you many opportunities to be able to make the most of your hair .


Over 70 photos not to be missed!


Finally, we close our focus today with a nice insight into the best short haircuts to show off during the autumn winter 2016/2017. Try to take a look at the gallery with particular attention and with a critical eye, trying to evaluate how you can customize the models you think are most popular. Try to browse it with a pinch of attention and try to find some “drafts” to work on: then talk to your hairdresser and try to ponder with him which is the best choice to adopt in view of a dutiful end-of-year restyling!


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