Brand new undercut for short hair not to be missed!

Brand new undercut for short hair not to be missed!

The undercut for short hair is certainly a choice of great personality and audacity, which can enhance many of our readers and will be able to give credit to your beauty if personalized in the right place. Be careful, however, not to deal with this too lightly fantastic hairstyle : if in fact it is true that the undercut can make your hair style incredibly more pleasant and your overall look, it’s also true that this kind of hairstyle is not very good at all. So let’s find out a little more, and reveal how you can get a phenomenal undercut without making mistakes!


With which hair is the undercut best combined?


In order to arrive at the definition of an ideal look with undercut , let’s start by remembering that the undercut is a little less advisable if you have hair curls or very moved , since in this case you will face some more difficulties in the management of regrowth (the undercut requires frequent intervention by the hairdresser in order to to keep the initial geometries!). on the other hand, if the hair is straight, you will be able to manage this cut with greater ease and greater effectiveness, thanks to a hair which will be able to “accompany you” to the definition of the ‘ ideal hairstyle . In addition, the undercut is good for both light hair and super voluminous hair: in the second case, it is in fact a haircut that will be useful to remove excess volume and restore the right light proportions to the garment.


How to combine a good undercut with the right look


The undercut can easily be combined with many impressive looks. For example, you can try to integrate it into a bob, perhaps further appreciating it with the use of two distinct shades, and thus generating a good two-tone contrast. Through a good haircut you can for example keep it “hidden” during the day, using the upper part of the hair, longer, as a sort of “mask” on the shaved area, and discover it in the evening, further emphasizing shaving with some accessories: a prominent earring will allow you to focus your eyes on this work of art!


Several sessions at the hairdresser


As we anticipated a few lines ago, the undercut will require a little effort in “managing” the look. In other words, since it is a look that plays on shaves and length contrasts, you should presumably speed up the frequency of appointments at the hairdresser in order to maintain the original structures, and therefore avoiding the geometries that you initially acquired with the sitting by the hairstylist are permanently compromised by regrowth.


Photos for you!


Beyond the detail above, and the ideas that we wanted to share with you, we can only remind you how the undercut is certainly a good pass for your style hypotheses: it is in fact a hair style to appreciate and enhance, and that you can definitely make yours after having a look at our fantastic photo gallery with 29 different shaving styles combined with a short cut. Try to take a careful look and let us know if you have identified any style that is right for you!


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