Bronde hair, a complete guide to choosing this look!

Bronde hair, a complete guide to choosing this look!

The bronde hair represent one of the main aesthetic outlets that we have had the opportunity to show in our portal in recent years. An extraordinarily intriguing and refined coloring, which we are pleased to offer you today with a short guide to identifying this style, and a beautiful photogallery with 30 images that will show you how pleasant it can be to hypothesize a transition to this kind of hairlook.


What is bronde


The bronde is a mix between the brown and the blonde, and represents the result of a coloring technique that requires particular attention from the your hairdresser, who must be skilled enough to ponder and customize the stylistic approach to the specific person.


How to make bronde


The process of bronde takes place by superimposing a lightening product with different volumes on the upper layer of the crown, with a particularly natural and soft effect, with a great and pleasant effect. In other words, the focus is mainly on the saturation and pigmentation of the background color, intensifying its hue in a natural way. At the same time, we then proceed with the aforementioned non-uniformization technique, arriving at identifying the most suitable bronde color for its specificities. Having said that, it is clear that bronde is a hair style that cannot be approximated or linked to superficial approaches: your hairdresser must be skilled and expert enough to understand which solution is best for you.


For whom the bronde is suitable


The bronde is particularly suitable for enhancing the amber complexions of women’s skin, since in this hypothesis the bronde will be able to reduce the contrast between the complexion and the hair. Distinguished by evident warm reflections, the bronde can be made and declined in various shades of shades that can harmonize on different complexions, from the lightest and lightest to the least white ones.


The light branches


Considering that there is no single shade of bronde, even if this denomination is still able to narrow the field compared to other styles and colors, we can only deepen this focus by pausing for a few moments on the blonde bronde, a lighter version of the bronde, and therefore particularly suitable for enhancing the complexions – precisely – clear, with green eyes I blue.


The “dark” bronde


The bronde can also be declined with slightly darker shades, which can give the best on medium or amber skin, brown or hazel eyes. With these characteristics, the bronde can well approach the ideal solution if the starting color is a bright brown.


Why is it worth betting on the bronde?


In our opinion, the bronde is one of those styles that are really worth betting on. A decisive motivation on the positive reflection on the bronde tells us about its seniority: despite being a reflection that has existed for several years, it is still in great demand today by women all over the world, and it turns out to be one of the most searched words on Google by those who want to know more about the new coloring and bleaching techniques.


In addition to this, it is good to remember that this look has an interesting variety: it can be adaptable to brown or blonde women. In addition, the effect that will be obtained is still very natural: an indestructible key, which will allow the bronde to be able to pass unscathed before current fashions.


But who do we recommend it to?


Bronde may be advisable for a very wide range of women. In fact, unlike other coloring / bleaching techniques, this look can be practically good for everyone, as long as you keep the “nude” tint background close to natural. It is also a color that can be suitable for all ages: from younger girls to more mature women, anyone can get what they want from this shade.


As for the combination with the straight hair or with the wavy hair , we believe that the bronde can adapt to any type of hair. The top, however, in our opinion, is reached with the fascinating beach waves, which with the return of the summer should be able to re-appreciate in a significant and considerable measure. With slightly wavy hair the bronde can unleash all its strengths, allowing you to obtain an even more fascinating and expendable final result in everyday life, and on great and great occasions!

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