Bronze streaks: trend that accompanies us throughout the year

Bronze streaks: trend that accompanies us throughout the year

The search for color must emphasize certain shades, and passes through the use of new generation products, which create unexpected effects even on the most anonymous hair. The forerunner of this trend was the famous colourist Mel, who in his London salon on King’s Road proposes to all his customers to emphasize hair color with streaks and bronze reflections, whether they are brown or have a beautiful blonde hair.


Here the trend, from cool and cosmopolitan London, has spread across Europe, reaching also the salons of our country. Bronze streaks offer a lot of added value, as they are basically neutral. Unlike a golden application, which tends to lighten and give a mature effect to the hair, bronze streaks are more fun, more playful and therefore less serious. Their application on dark hair offers a definitely interesting luminescent effect, even if we are talking about deep browns or intense chocolates.


At the same time, the bronze streaks applied to the hazel browns offer themselves as the ideal solution to revive a perhaps too dull look, especially if the complexion is in agreement and proves lively.


If applied on the blonde base, the bronze highlights make the look more unpredictable. These streaks do not give on a too light base such as ash blonde, as the chromatic detachment is too strong, but on honey blonde, warm blonde and dark blonde bases, this alternative coloring is an enchantment . As proof of this, it is enough to think how bronze streaks can match a honey hair with fairly tanned skin.


The trick of the bronze streaks is, in fact, this. They are good in all seasons, during the winter because they revive the complexion and in the warm seasons because they enhance the tan. Color magic? Perhaps, because the bronze tones are halfway between brown and red, so they have a very strong heating power. The use of these streaks on cold color tones is prohibited, as long as the streaks themselves are not cold, but we are talking about an aesthetic aimed at other shores, or on the search for warm tone and brightness.


As regards the quantity of streaks to be made, it varies according to the needs and aesthetic sense of the wearer. A curly hair can be painted with an abundance of streaks, while use on a smooth curd can be made less incisive, more delicate and less intrusive. In any case, the final result depends on the strength of the base of the streaks, which must always balance itself and never collide. The only case in which the colors collide is in the final gradient effect, where the dark or light base can meet a contrast based on bronze tones, as chic as it is elegant. In this special case, the bronze effect blends well even with the boldest darks and the lightest blondes, as the effect of degradé is desired and sought after.

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