Broux hair color, trend also valid for 2019!

Broux hair color, trend also valid for 2019!

2019 is about to stand out for the explosion of many hair color trends. However, we have already talked about one of these at the time, defining it as one of the top trends that we will have encountered over the next few seasons. An anticipation that has not been denied by reality, given that the broux , a nice mix between brown and rouge , is rapidly gaining many positions in the list of shades of hair most appreciated by women around the world.


As the photogallery that we are pleased to present to you at the end of this article will easily show you, broux has among its main qualities that of guaranteeing light effects with coppery shades , thus offering itself as a modality ideal to revive the color starting from the more traditional brown. A priority choice for brown or red women, who through broux can rediscover the pleasure of personalizing their hairstyle in an even more modern key.


Anyway, woe to think that this trend is in effect only for women who already have a brown complexion. The trend, very popular also during the previous autumn, is affirmed in this winter for all women who, more generally, have a dark base color, and who do not want to distort their look, rather than enhance it with a touch of dynamism and greater value.


As for the arrival point, everything will depend on the effect you want to achieve. Some women may in fact prefer a very discreet result, with a hinted coloration in the tips or in some strands. Other women, on the other hand, may prefer a more radical change in order to rediscover and seek their femininity.


So, a beautiful style of hair color for all women. Both those looking for some more particular nuances, and women who are identifying a touch of greater “revolution” on their heads, will find in broux what is right for them.


Broux hair color, trend also valid for 2019!

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And if you still have not understood what we are talking about, try to take an in-depth look at the photogallery that even today we have had the opportunity to extract and select for you. You will find many alternatives that can be a concrete starting point for being able to make extensive assessments of the future of your hair. What do you think? Do you like broux ? Have you ever experienced it?


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