Brown hair? So many ideas and tips not to be missed!

Brown hair? So many ideas and tips not to be missed!

Brown really gives everyone , and to make it original and glam, just modulate its nuances. Precisely for its versatility it successfully meets the natural tones of the earth, as well as the sensual autumn reds, and in equal measure honey or caramel blondes.


For this reason, girls, if you want brown hair because you know the saying: “Men love blondes, but marry blackberries” or simply because you feel the desire to experiment, for your look a shade warmer then here are some suggestions for choosing the right shade that enhances your complexion and the color of your eyes.


Chocolate that does not make you fat.


Brown hair can be declined in a shade tending towards chocolate , much loved by the very famous Penelope Cruz. This gives an intense aspect, and certainly contributes to making the interpretations of the actress poignant, who almost never separates them in her private life as in the cinema, except for script needs.


Brown meets red.


Brown hair? So many ideas and tips not to be missed!

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Castano coppery is undoubtedly synonymous with seduction , any color that even hints at passion red, evokes images and tickles wishes.


In the encounter with brown hair, red softens but does not lose its own connotation. Establishing the right balance of doses is up to you. Based on your tastes and your characteristics you will moderate the red in favor of the brown or vice versa.


Brown and blond hair so as not to give up on anything!



How to talk about brown hair without calling into question the innovative coloring techniques that give the hair a renewed shine, a little dull and gray. To name three of the most famous: shatush, balayage and degradè .


The origins of the shatush are to be found in the sixties, a period in which it became a way of coloring hair very popular in the most visible and fashionable salons of New York and Hollywood. The famous hair stylist Aldo Coppola subsequently dusted off its success, a success that remains unchanged even in this season. If the bleaching according to the shatush method leads to a clearer aesthetic result, in balayage it becomes sweet.


Hair using this technique is lightened with a modality and effect similar to that of the sun during the summer season. Extremely more natural to the eye is the reflection thus obtained, and very pleasant and the shine that gives the hair. Finally, degradè is a technique which involves the bleaching and the subsequent recovery of tone of some strands of hair, which more than strands given their subtlety we could define almost filaments. It is a job that requires great skill. The play of color must be skilled to make the desired light effect and not run the risk of having streaks and a decidedly old-fashioned hair.


Brown hair: what if we abandon the shades?


For several seasons, the mantra of all the main beauty salons has been to call out nuances and techniques of coloring that can reward the sweet contrasts between different tones. Well, if you got tired of this exasperated appeal, soon you could have a good strength: in fact the trend of full color for brown hair is spreading wildly, to show off with the right shade , to be weighed on the basis of your complexion …


Which shade to choose?



Let’s start by remembering that the above is not as simple as it seems. The brown hair can in fact be declined in hundreds of different shades, and not all of them are suitable for every woman who would have thought at first. So, try to understand what tone of hair brown can do the best for you, considering that in summer 2018 there seem to be mainly two main trends: chocolate and coffee . But which one to choose?


Chocolate or coffee?


The choice, unfortunately, is not an easy one. However, apart from the synthesis, it is possible to attribute chocolate to women who have a complexion clear : this choice will in fact allow to enhance the features and the skin, giving greater three-dimensionality to one’s hair. On the other hand, women who have dark and olive skin could find greater satisfaction in coffee , a definitely more intense shade.


How to take care of brown hair


Summer is a splendid season but … it is also a harbinger of real headaches for all women who have brown hair . The motivation is soon ascribable: unfortunately, exposure to the sun and humidity have terrible effects on the aesthetic of one’s own hair . As always, even in this case, however, there is no need to despair: there are many natural methods to be able to preserve the beauty and splendor of brown hair. But which ones?


A good habit is for example to carry out the last rinse , when washing your hair , with cold or slightly warm water. Furthermore, you can create extremely effective natural masks (for example, a coffee one!). Additionally, you can use organic products widely on the market, which will allow you to preserve the attractiveness of a beautiful chestnut.


If you want to further explore the theme, try to take a look at the photogallery that we had the pleasure of sharing with you today: many brown hair colors to look at, in the hope that within this series of photographic shots may be something you like!


So many brown bob to show off in the next season!


The chestnut is one of the most fascinating hair colors of the new season . Seemingly neutral, this hue may actually prove to be far stronger and more attractive than you might think superficially. To confirm it, it is sufficient to ask for confirmation from the many actresses of the cinema and to the many women of the show who have had the opportunity to customize this color, lightening it, making it darker, enriching it with contrasts and much more. So let’s try to understand how to get the best out of color brown in the coming months, marrying this tone on a wonderful bob !


Bob castano, should you focus on the clear?


Brown hair? So many ideas and tips not to be missed!

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The lightening of chestnut is certainly a choice much appreciated by women who wish to revive their hair making it sweeter and more delicate. Excellent on tanned skins and on lighter ones, the lightened chestnut can allow a beautiful gilding of the foliage , without however exaggerating with the final result, which will certainly not be equivalent to that of a more incisive bleaching.


Or are darker tones better?




As an alternative to light brown , it is possible to consider the possibility of combining the bob with a good darker tone. There is certainly no shortage of quality alternatives for this autumn – winter. For example, you can focus on mahogany or marsala, two shades on top of women’s preferences, or it may be useful to be inspired by the colors of foods such as caramel or coffee. In short, a good series of concrete alternatives that we suggest you share with your hairdresser.


Finally, do not forget about the possibility of enriching everything with some pleasant nuances: it will be sufficient to resort to the most modern coloring techniques to be able to revive the brown bob without however changing the natural or original tone.


Brown and red hair: many ideas for the new year



The brown and red hair , in all their nuances, represent an easy landing place for all those women who aspire to obtain a new style on their hair, perfectly responding to the shades of their complexion and their eyes. Valid colors for all seasons and for all ages, perhaps less “radical” than some recently trendy colors, but still able to ride the fashions of the moment thanks to the many variations that can be used today on their basis.


And so, from brown to more traditional red more modern, there will certainly be few opportunities that your hairdresser will be able to give you in order to give new reflections to your color natural, satisfying the complexion and personality of each woman. A few examples?


Before leaving you to our usual photogallery, it is worth remembering that a good alternative of modern color for those with brown or red hair could be trying to adopt color highlights copper: a trick that will allow you to add depth to dark or medium hair, and which will also allow you to transform your hair into a brighter and more lively look.


Still, you can take a cue from the chestnut or from the traditional red in order to apply a balayage rather sharp: it is a coloring technique which we have discussed several times in the recent past (and not only!) and which could give a great advantage as regards the application of copper reflections and shades. The look will be modern and fresh, casual and seductive: try it to believe it.


A further alternative is to apply a different color to the roots. This is perhaps a slightly more radical and “different” approach from what we have seen, but which will allow you to reward your beauty through a gentle game of contrasts.


In any case, as is clear from what we have said, also for 2018 the need to approach one’s own hair color in a lively and dynamic way remains a reference. Whether you have brown hair or have red hair, therefore avoid applying a color that is too homogeneous and dull: instead it is better to focus on coloring and bleaching, streaks, highlights and other techniques that will certainly enrich the charm of your hair , making it contemporary in relation to the fashions of the moment.


We conclude, as per our usual habit, with a beautiful photogallery with more than 50 shots of brown hair which we recommend you to try right away, obtaining an immediate personalization of your traditional hairstyle. You will realize, by browsing the gallery below, that it is not very difficult to try to achieve a renewed hair without completely distorting it, but limiting yourself to a nice revitalized darkening or risking your hair.


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