Brown shatush: the perfect coloring!

Brown shatush: the perfect coloring!

You have dark brown hair, or even light : you are the ideal candidate to “wear” a beautiful brown shatush , that is to lighten the tip, or even starting from the middle of hair length, up to a certain shade of blond. Which? Well, we will help you, with our proposals to choose the right one. In any case, you have to make a first choice: do you want an extreme effect such as the “two-tone”? Or a more natural effect like a gradual shade from brown to blond? Ok, think, think and … choose!


Brown shatush that fades to dark blond


Excellent choice for the color they intend to give dynamism to the color of their hair but without epochal distortions, giving bright reflections to the hair, but which will creep into the hair without being too obvious. The brown shatush that turns to dark blond can also be made within the home, but it will be necessary to carry out a discoloration of the tips , even light, before applying the blond color. In order to obtain the lightening of the shatush you will not have to start uniformly from the roots, but gradually up to the tip of the hair: only in this way the natural color will lighten in order to appear just as natural.


Brown shatush that fades to light blond


If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​obtaining a more visible brown shatush tickles you, then discolouration and lightening must come to light blond . As if you wanted to obtain an effect that we could almost call “ bicolor “. The effect will be even more intense if the lightening will start from half the length of the hair rather than only from the tips . If you opt for this type of brown shatush, then you will combine us with a look that as a whole must look very original. In short, shy, it is not for you.


Light brown shatush that fades to dark blonde


This shatush is almost invisible … No, come on, we’re kidding. Let’s say that it is a very light effect , of those that create movement in the hair without, in fact, creating epochal changes. Those who want to add dynamism and light to their hair can choose this solution.


Light brown shatush that fades to light blonde


Ideal for summer nostalgia even in the middle of winter. It is the shatush of the girl-sea. If you are also courageous, at least a little bit totally discolor the tips and then dye them with a fantastic and supertrendyssimo platinum blonde (if you are not, even a slightly warmer gradation will be fine …).


And with this we have examined all there is to know about brown shatush … hey, what are you doing, are you still here? Copy the shatush that suits you best NOW and fly to your hairdresser!

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