California blonde hair, new trend for the summer

California blonde hair, new trend for the summer


It’s called blond “California”, and you can easily understand why: the blondest in summer 20156 comes from the very sunny West Coast American, taking inspiration from the colors naturally brightened by rays, obtained by girls by the sea, or by the pool. A multitone blonde, with a “sun kissed” effect … even if here in Italy not all women have already had the pleasure of being exposed on the coasts.


However, the first impression of the blonde issue is extremely positive. It is a very bright multitone, adaptable both to very long hair and to less extended lengths . Not only that: “Californian blonde has the advantage of being customizable according to the starting color . Its strength lies in the blending of blondes: vanilla, gold and even platinum. The coloring must seem “casual”, exactly as it would be if you were at sea between salt water and sun “- recalled Vanity Fair , who certainly did not miss the opportunity for a good insight on this new style.


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Technically, the bleaching of this Californian blonde focuses more on the tips, and therefore you will not have to obsess and worry in monitoring the dark regrowth . Be careful, however, not to think that this color can be an object of neglect: in fact, you must take into account the “real” lightening action of the sun when you go on vacation, without forgetting to feed the foliage deeply with suitable products, and with a high protection that can protect you from unwelcome surprises.


Having said that, it really seems like a good alternative to show off in the coming months. Talk to your trusted hairdresser: we are sure that together you will find the best solution to be able to present yourself with a look to scream at the date with the sea!

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