Capelli castani: Britney Spears lancia la tendenza autunno 2019

Capelli castani: Britney Spears lancia la tendenza autunno 2019

Yes, even the undisputed queen of Pop, Britney Spears, has abandoned the oxygenated blonde and dedicates to herself a color with decidedly more natural tones . Brown hair, so mistreated and excluded, is back in vogue and more and more are showing off celebrities.


Brown hair: fall 2019 trend


With the change of season comes the desire to revolutionize one’s hair. If in the summer we want to have sun-kissed hair, in the winter we want to infuse a veil of mystery and sensuality. This is why, for this autumn, the trend is definitely brown; this coloration prefers the tones of chocolate and done all a little heat.


Capelli castani: Britney Spears lancia la tendenza autunno 2019


Also Britney Spears – an icon of pop in the early 2000s – let herself bewitched by brown tones abandoning her faithful blonde hair. This time it is not a momentary madness – as when in 2007 he shaved his head completely – but a wise and super trendy choice!


To announce the change of look is the popstar herself, through an Instagram post in which she reads “Same face, same clothes, new hair!”. And you know, new hair new life.


For years Britney has inspired girls from all over the world with her blonde tones, in some periods warmer, in others decidedly more oxygenated and today she is ready to do the same with her look. brunette.


How to show off a chocolate brown


So, now that even the paladin of the blondes has converted to brown hair, we just have to follow the flow of this 2019/2020 season. From chocolate, to lighter and lighter tones, brown reaches the heart of all and leaves room for a not too radical change, but certainly with more natural and less fictitious tones.


At home Spears is crazy about the new fashion: even the little one Jamie Lynn sports lengths that are no longer platinum blonde, but definitely darker!


Everyone really likes change and Sam Asghari , companion of the popstar Britney , comments saying that blonde or brunette does not matter : she is always beautiful!

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