Red hair with bright highlights, photos and tips for a look that doesn't betray!

Red hair with bright highlights, photos and tips for a look that doesn’t betray!

Do you have natural red hair , or are you approaching this extraordinary tone for the first time? Well, know that you have the good fortune to deal with a color of great personality, which alone is able to evoke incredible advantages in terms of femininity and seduction. But how can we arrange this lucky color in the best way in view of the new double season autumn / winter? What are the trends that will be the most popular in the coming months? We try to catch the ball, and share some good ideas with you and … lots of photos!

Red: one color, many versions

To try to understand what the best shades will be for red hair in the autumn winter 2016/2017, we can only start from a rather obvious premise: the red hair represent a real mine of alternatives, a range of choices that is difficult to summarize. From the darkest to the brightest reds, from the lightest to the most opaque ones, there are infinite shades within which you should be sufficiently skilled (of course get help from a good hairdresser!) To find what is really right for you. Start from your complexion: it will be the basis for a look that will not betray!

Reds with light strokes

Having recalled the foregoing, we can only make a small reference to one of the best trends of red hair that we have had the opportunity to experiment and verify in the past few weeks. In fact, for autumn / winter 2016-2017 red hair will come back in fashion with lightening strokes of light, able to give greater vitality and dynamism to your look. In short, even if numerous beauty salons are returning to recommend the more homogeneous looks, without the contrasts that have brought so much luck to the women of the last seasons, for the reds it is worth remembering that the play of light will still be the most popular!


To clarify even more clearly what we have mentioned above, we want to conclude with a nice photo gallery that could serve as a necessary inspiration for an idea of ​​restyling. So try to browse the images that we have shared with you below, and try to understand if within this range of alternatives something can be found that is right for you. We are confident that you will not struggle much to find a possible starting point to work on your new look!

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