Caramel-colored hair: the top of spring!

Caramel-colored hair: the top of spring!

Have you ever thought about dyeing your caramel colored hair ? If you have not already done so, it is possible that at the end of this study, and after having consulted the photogallery that we have chosen to reserve for you, you may actually take due consideration of the idea of ​​approaching a new, particularly trendy shade such as – in fact – the caramel. A delicious shade not only from a culinary point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view… at least judging by the many VIP women from all over the world who have decided to invest their efforts in the field of hairstyle precisely on the caramel color!


How to get the caramel color?


But what is the caramel color? And how is it achieved? The caramel color is, in reality, a pleasant and refined multicolor effect that is generated starting from a light brown base, and adding to it golden reflections. The objective of the caramel color is therefore the same that we have been repeating on these pages for several months: removing the risk that the color of one’s hair appears too “flat” and homogeneous, and instead going to get closer to the new trends of the moment, which reward dynamism and originality through the most pleasant nuances.


What can be achieved with the caramel color?


In other words again, the caramel color aims to lighten a full and voluminous hair, through a procedure of lightening the hair on the lengths in a degraded way towards the tips. The clearest part will therefore be the one around the face, so that the face can be rewarded through an illuminating effect. The darker part will instead be on the parts furthest from the face, creating a remarkable game of contrasts which, however, will not appear clear, but gradual and well able to represent the search for one’s “new” beauty “.


Is the caramel color good for everyone?


Probably the caramel color is not good at all. But this certainly must not be a deterrent! In fact, there is no hair color that can be combined without personalization to all the hair. And therefore, even the caramel color must be selected and made “flexible” at the end of an adequate personalization process, which can start above all from the base color, from one’s complexion, from the characteristics of one’s face, from the emotions that we want to communicate to the outside, and so on. With these prerogatives, the caramel color can ideally adapt to many women, whether you start from a lighter shade, or you start from a darker shade, and you want to land towards caramel.


Better short hair or long hair?


The caramel color can be adapted to any type of length. If the above is true, it is equally true that, being the caramel color obtained through appropriate shades, the best will probably be achieved with hair long enough to be able to manifest in all their extension and fullness the nuances of which above. In particular, in women with long hair it will be enough to color the hair with these techniques and leave it smooth, to be able to release sensuality and romance from all pores!


A photogallery to end on a high note!


In conclusion of this study, we cannot fail to dwell briefly on the photogallery that even today we had the pleasure of developing for you. In the following lines you will find 25 photos of caramel-colored hair, adapted to each length, which we advise you to look carefully. Imagine whether or not they are right for you, and practice understanding what changes should be made in order to further reward your appeal. What do you think? What did you get?

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