Care Curing Tips for Dyed Hair

The care of dyed hair starts with healthy hair coloring. If the painting process is applied correctly with quality products, fifty percent of maintenance is completed. It should not be forgotten that foreign substances applied to the scalp wear out the hair and products with unknown content should be avoided. Organic dyes, whose content is trusted, can be preferred.

The dyed hair needs more moisture than usual. hair care to be applied must have a moisturizing feature. Mask should be preferred according to hair structure and hair treatment. It should be aimed to restore the moisture, softness and shine lost to the hair. Another factor that affects how to care is hair color. The care to be applied to the yellow hair and the care to be applied to a dark hair may differ. Since the dye does not open and close the hair strand in dark hair, the high density treatments can stick the hair and make it look like oily. Dark hair does not lose much moisture. Rinses that can be rinsed should be done when washed. Color protective shampoo and masks should be applied in easily flowing colors such as red copper.

Home care treatments for dyed hair


1- Hazelnut Oil Mask
2 tablespoons of hazelnut oil
1 ampoule of vitamin B
1 teaspoon of black seed oil
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar


There is no need to apply this to the scalp. It should be applied mostly to the ends of the hair. After you close it with a cap and wait 20 minutes, you must first rinse with shampoo and then with cold water. There is no need to keep this mixture for a week or so. It can be stored in a jar, it should not see sunlight and should not be put in the closet.

2- Bemiks, Evigen and Bepanthen
1 ampoule of bemix
1 ampoule of evigen
1 ampoule of bepanthen
Half a glass of olive oil


Put the bulb, evigen and bepanthen in olive oil and mix them. After waiting for an hour, wash your hair.


3- Castor Oil Mask
1 cup of wheat
5 cups of water
half a cup of castor oil


Put 5 glasses of water in a pot and boil in the wheat. After boiling well, strain the wheat and mash them with a fork and add castor oil. You need to apply this mask on your hair and wait for about an hour.


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