Care Guide for Dry Hair

In order to give your dry hair a vibrant and healthy look, some details need to be paid attention to.

Intense humidification
Your medicine is moisture. Choose products that will add moisture to your hair in the products you use, in the care masks you apply. You can prefer natural methods. There are many maintenance methods in which you can get effective results in regular application.

Stay away from the heat
The better you stay away from heat styling hair. But sometimes this is not possible. Curlers, blow dryers and hair straighteners are dry enemies. For this reason, you should definitely use a protective product before these applications. Thus, your hair gains resistance against heat.


Sun protection
Just like your skin, your hair will wear out, dry and look unhealthy when exposed to the sun. Protect your hair from the sun, the sun is much more harmful for our skin and hair than we expected.

Preparing for sleep
Prepare your hair for sleep. Before entering the bed, comb your hair with a brush. Thus, the oil on the scalp spreads to the rest of your hair. However, your pillowcase must be made of silk. Other fabrics absorb oil in your hair, causing dryness and electrification.


Hair openers
The better you stay away from chemical openers, the better for your hair. To minimize the damage caused by the openers, you should apply a maximum of 2 or 3 tones of light tones from your normal hair color. More can cause irreparable consequences.


Water temperature
Washing the hair with very hot water will do more damage to your hair roots and hair ends than you might expect. While hot water causes dryness and breakage, when you wash with warm water, your hair will be stronger and healthier.


You should take care to choose the shampoo according to your hair type. It is useful to stay away from products that cause hair dryness such as paraben and dosium sulfate for your hair health.


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