Care Tips for Bullying and Electrifying Hair

The biggest reason for the hair to swell is loss of moisture and drying of hair. Just as the skin needs a certain amount of moisture, hair needs moisture in the same way. There are 7 important points to be considered to protect this moisture or to bring it to the hair.

1- Don’t wash your hair in hot water


Moisture in the hair disappears by evaporation in contact with hot water. We can compare this to boiling water. Just as the water starts to evaporate when you boil the water, it loses its moisture with hot water in the same way and starts to dry. Therefore, when you are in the shower, you should wash it with warm water that will not let you chill. Remember, hot water also absorbs moisture from the skin and evaporates! In order to add more moisture and shine to your hair, you can run cold water before leaving the shower. Your hair may get a little stiff but it will soften again when you get out of the shower.

2- Use nutritious oils


Coconut, argan, almond and apricot oils are the most effective in dry and electrified hair care. At the same time, essential oils that you can use in daily care of your hair are sold in pharmacies. However, do not touch your scalp too much to prevent your hair from getting heavier. These oils terminate the accretion in the hair and give the hair the moisture it needs. It helps to provide a smooth appearance.


3- Use a hair mask or conditioner in the shower


Conditioner and masks soften your hair and make it easy to comb after shower. The trick is; to comply with the time written on the back of hair creams or masks! The longer it is specified to wait for the nourishing oils contained in these products to work on your hair, the longer you wait. Again, do not apply these products to too many hair roots. It can cause dandruff or fast lubrication.

4- Comb your hair in the shower


Comb your hair with a lightening comb while creaming your hair in the shower. Thus, you will not need to comb your hair after a shower. You will prevent hair breakage and bruising.


5- Do not comb your dry hair


Do not comb your dry hair if your hair is not too tangled or heavy. Combing dry hair increases frizz and causes frizz. Use a wooden comb to revitalize your hair and provide a smoother look. Because the board is not conductive and does not connect the plus-minus poles and cause your hair to swell. If you are using a plastic comb, this acts as a conductor in your hair, plus it may combine minus poles and cause your hair to swell.


6- Do not comb your curls with a comb


If you have curled your hair, you should open your curls with your fingers, not with a comb. The curls opened by the comb electrify and swell.


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