Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is an issue that concerns everyone, both men and women. So why does the hair fall out? The causes of hair loss can be separately for women and men as well as for common causes. Hair loss outside of genetic factors is generally based on external factors. Male pattern hair loss increases over middle age, unlike women, and may be due to gene and male sex hormones. We can say that our diet and habits trigger some hair loss problem.

What causes hair loss?


Anemia, a common problem of many women, can also cause hair loss. If necessary, iron deficiency treatment can be applied by asking a blood test from your doctor. Remember, iron deficiency is a problem that can cause many problems.


In cases where the thyroid gland is not working properly, hair loss may occur.


Hormone changes in women and hair loss in the case of pregnancy that causes stress can be observed.


A simple disease such as flu and physical trauma diseases such as surgery can trigger hair loss. It can also be seen in the 3-month period after trauma. In cases of extreme emotional stress, such as the loss of a loved one, the problem of hair loss may increase.


A protein poor diet is one of the factors that cause hair loss.


Excessively weakening suddenly can put you on the problem of hair loss.


As with male pattern hair loss, women may also have hair loss genetically after a certain age.


Factors such as chemical hair styling products, hair straighteners, tight picking and weave patterns that have been applied for years can also cause you to face hair loss problems in the long run.


How to prevent hair loss?



  • First of all, if you think your hair has started to fall out more than usual, consult a doctor. Some vitamins and minarels that are missing in your body, or a skin problem can trigger hair loss.

  • Avoid products such as styling agents, jelly, spray, etc. that will damage your hair.

  • Try to follow a diet rich in protein and B vitamins.

  • Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

  • Practice your hair every 2 days, not every day. In the selection of shampoo, choose the ones with soft formula and natural ingredients.


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