Champagne blond hair, many ideas for a new look

Champagne blond hair, many ideas for a new look

Summer is almost upon us, and probably many of you will be thinking about the possibility of changing the color of your hair, going to embrace a more or less deep lightening , which can give greater brightness. to your face. A goal that can be achieved by adding highlights, or by aiming directly at blond . Attention, however: not all shades of blond are the same, and therefore you need to put some caution to try to find your ideal nuance. For example, do you know exactly what champagne blond is?


Champagne blond, for those with fair complexions


If you have a fair complexion , you can achieve a certain success with a fresh tone like champagne blond, which we have glimpsed several times during these months, and which today we are going to deepen in a more complete way through a specific study. If you have a fair complexion, you can also consider opting for an ash blonde or a platinum blonde, which as well as champagne blonde avoid giving an impression that is too golden. Cold complexions can enhance shades of blond even very light, and you should therefore not be afraid to experiment.


What if I have tanned skin?


If, on the other hand, you have skin tending towards easy tanning, you can easily opt for a golden blond. The slightly darker shades will fit very well on your base, and you will be able to add some highlights to give more body. If you decide to go on light blond, always make sure that they are golden hints, in order not to get an unwelcome, too faded result.


Many photos for new style ideas


Even today, we conclude our study with a nice photographic focus on the champagne blond . Try to give us an in-depth look and try to understand if some looks can be found that are right for you. If so, talk to your hairdresser and get ready to wear a new hairstyle!


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