Cherry bombre, new trend among red shades!

Cherry bombre, new trend among red shades!

Do you love red hair ? Couldn’t you live without the hottest shades of the moment? You are probably in a large, very large company. At least judging by how many women have fallen into the pleasant temptation to marry a red hair, surely one of the greatest protagonists of last winter and, now, able to raise its appeal even in the year that has recently begun. Fortunately, by banning any boredom and homogeneity, the shades of red that are emerging seem to be sufficiently varied to satisfy any type of preference. Don’t believe it?


As (perhaps) some of you may already know, the cherry bombre is a middle ground between the cherry bomb (that is, a bright red) and the ombre hair, a coloring technique that we have talked about many times, and which requires that only the ends of the hair be lightened. The effect will be quite natural, with a cherry red that will be applied on a black or brown base, giving fantastic reflections to your hair, and making it extraordinarily attractive.


How to combine cherry bombre with the right make up


Of course, the cherry bombre must also be properly managed. Although it is, of course, a hair style that can offer you unequivocal advantages, it is also good to remember that the cherry bombre deserves – in order to be further enhanced – an appropriate make up. for example, you can make up your eyes with a beautiful green halo, or beige, amber, coral, peach.


However, do not go overboard with the dyed base, and do not accentuate the eyebrows too much. The base of the complexion should be clear enough, and it is good not to overdo the contrasts.


Cherry bombre and half bun


As for the hairstyles that you can marry with a nice cherry bombre, why not try a fantastic half bun, that we have made the protagonist of our galleries several times. It is a really easy and chic look, adaptable with a touch of fake disheveled that never hurts, and will give you a jaunty and seductive style.


We leave you now to our new photogallery: many looks to be able to try a cherry bombre color on your hair! Try to talk about it with your trusted hairdresser: you will certainly find something for you, and give a new life to your “old” hair, making it the maximum protagonist of your total look!


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