Chocolate brown hair, Photos to choose only the best!

Chocolate brown hair, Photos to choose only the best!

Among the various shades of color “of the moment”, chocolate brown hair seem to be able to win a respectable role: their charm and their versatility have already been chosen by millions of women in all the world, which has been able to appreciate the depth of tone of chocolate-colored hair, and the possibility of giving a new intensity to the whole face.


The chocolate brown hair has already been chosen by millions of women all over the world (and also here in Italy), and it is certainly not difficult to try to understand why. It is in fact a color which can give a truly enviable depth of tone, thus helping to give your face a new intensity. Therefore, if you are thinking of reviving your more anonymous and flatter coloring, the chestnut chocolate is definitely one of the alternatives that we suggest you to adopt for a result really full of charm and sensuality.


Why choose chocolate brown hair?


As will become clear by looking at the photogallery we have had the opportunity to select for you, chocolate brown hair can “feel good” on practically any woman, even if – in the end – the main added values ​​can be related to those women who have fairly warm complexions, with dark brown eyes that recall the shade of their hair.


What effect does chocolate color have?


As you should already know if you have read our previous focus on the topic, the chocolate brown color is certainly the warmest tone among the various shades brown that you can choose to adopt in your next appointment at the hairdresser, and will certainly be able to make the basic coloring of your hair only more intense.


The effect you will be able to achieve with it will in fact be very intense and very natural, giving the hair a new depth. It is also the ideal color for a beautiful ombre hair (we have talked about this shade many times in the recent past and, therefore, we refer to these focuses for new insights!) And can therefore be used by blending [ 19459002] two colors: the darker color will be applied from the roots up to half the length, while the lighter color will be applied only on the tips. As for the colors to combine with chocolate, you will be spoiled for choice: you can in fact focus on blond, caramel, red, pink.


How to “make” chocolate brown hair?


The chocolate color is a brown shade that has been in vogue for a long time at the main beauty shops and hairdressing salons. So, no fear of appearing extravagant with your will to dye your hair with chocolate: we are sure that your trusted hairdresser will be able to direct you towards the tone that more than others can satisfy your beauty ambitions.


Chocolate color, shaded is better!


Just as we have been repeating for a long time for the various types of color to be applied to one’s own hair, the 2016 trend – also for the chocolate-colored hair! – it is certainly to try to adequately shade the color in such a way that it appears less “flat” than could be obtained by going to apply a single shade of hair homogeneously.


To find out more, on this occasion we can only refer you to the many insights that over the past few months we have dedicated to the shatush, to the balayage and to the other coloring techniques and of discoloration that have repeatedly been the subject of our focus (and our unmissable photogallery!).


Chocolate color, from short to long


Before leaving you with our today’s photogallery, a little in-depth analysis is necessary as regards the lengths that the chocolate color can best satisfy on the head of the women in our reading. Also in this case, as recently we have had the opportunity to remember in relation to other types of tone, there is no hair extension that the color in question cannot satisfy: from short to long, passing through the inevitable medium, the chocolate color can certainly satisfy any need for beauty and revision of one’s style.


However intuitive, it is however in long hair that the chocolate brown color will indulge all its pleasant effects, especially if you are careful to combine this tone with a shading technique: the major extensions of the long hair will allow the chosen technique to fulfill all its added values. Clearly, the above does not mean that short hair cannot offer as many options of versatility and flexibility: try to take care of every single detail, and the result will be far greater for any more rosy style expectation!


Who does chocolate brown hair look good


Coming therefore to today’s main focus, we can certainly underline how the chocolate brown hair goes very well with all types of complexion. You can therefore obtain truly exceptional results if you have fair skin, since this color is a really warm and bright shade, and therefore able to enhance your complexion. But not only: you can get excellent results also on the basis of any eye color, from brown to blue (of course, in this second case the result will be even more impressive thanks to the contrast that will be created).


Additionally, it is a nice tone if you have a olive skin, which can be accompanied by a nice dark chocolate, while if you have a more amber skin, you can focus on a warmer shade , such as that which recalls milk chocolate.


In short, chocolate brown hair is really good for all women but, as always happens and as always we specify in relation to any tone and any coloring technique, it will be necessary to make some effort to be able to adequately customize the style and color . For this reason, we invite you to get a first idea by browsing the gallery that you find in the lines below and, subsequently, confiding in your most trusted hairdresser, who will advise you and suggest the best way forward for a beautiful look to remember. !


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