Christmas party hairstyles: here are the 10 most beautiful for you!

Christmas party hairstyles: here are the 10 most beautiful for you!


The holiday season is about to begin, and this is the best time to try to find your own hairstyle with which to greet 2018, and welcome a 2019 that we hope will reserve for you. best satisfactions! But what are the party hairstyles to be married with conviction, and to wear for the next few weeks?


Let’s start by remembering that the hairstyle can only play a leading role during the most anticipated holiday season of the year: it can in fact give you an even more graceful look, and embellish an effective make-up, or a seductive dress . Having said that, it is also true that making a selection of the hairstyles of the moment is not at all easy, considering that the range of identically fascinating occasions is very wide.


However, nothing prevents us from providing you with some important guidelines. Starting with a fundamental advice: to achieve, together with your hairdresser, the goal of a harmonious hairstyle , which can enhance your character and can marry perfectly with the overall outfit. A nice harvest with a precious crown could be the starting point for the definition of a nice end of year style.


If, on the other hand, you love hair that has not been gathered and not tied to specific accessories , you can leave your hair straight or slightly wavy, which falls gently on the shoulders. A classic hairstyle, which we would like to recommend especially to those women who have very straight hair or, at the limit, lukewarmly wavy: for curls, a romantic semi-crop, which does not excessively force the hair, seems instead what it can do for you.


Returning to the most daring crop sector, the end of the year could be the right time to be able to marry an extra large top knot: an ideal way for those who love high chignon and those with very long hair , to be enclosed in an extremely visible top knot, and perhaps further enhanced by a nice clip. If you want something less daring, you can opt for a traditional chignon , even oversized if you have very long hair, to combine with an elegant dress, without excessive accessories (considering that this look is already in itself elevable as a priority element of visual attention).


Finally, a nod to the traditional ponytail: placed on the side, to make the hairstyle more classic, it can be a middle ground between simplicity and charm.


How to make a side braid


Make the line a little to the side and start making the braid starting as low as possible, fixing all the passages with lacquer. Then lay the braid on your shoulder. Among the Christmas holiday hairstyles, this is one of the most classic. But always effective …


An original idea? The alternative helmet


Christmas party hairstyles: here are the 10 most beautiful for you!

Simple Alternative Headguard @


Straighten the hair higher with a straightener using the brush, for the tips, instead, use the iron so it will be more moved, cheeky.


Romantic Christmas party hairstyles: RETRO ’50s style


Make the line considerably to the side and bring all the hair backwards, towards the nape. Then turn them over and attach them with bobby pins to the nape itself, hiding them by closing the hair inside.


Do as Keyra: a nice TWIST!



What we recommend here is a hairstyle almost equal to one that Knightley has recently shown: roll the locks around a finger, starting from the forehead, and stop each of them with bobby pins.


You don’t have time but do you want a romantic hairstyle? CHIGNON MESSY is the answer!


Christmas party hairstyles: here are the 10 most beautiful for you!

Chignon Messy @


Very, but very simple to make, it is suitable for you who never have time but want your hair to look great: pick up your hair on the “top”, and then make sure that the tips enjoy some freedom, being able to “go out” a little. Secure them with the usual hairpins and you will have one of the simplest Christmas party hairstyles ever made!


Like a running horse: the TAIL MOVED!


Dry your hair and comb it with a round brush: Get a ponytail that starts from the bottom and rests on the side. At this point, take a lock and turn it around the elastic so that it hides it and then, using a fairly hot iron, create beautiful waves only on the outermost part of the tail.


A rough sea: the waves moved



Start by heating your iron and then work your hair starting from the cheeks. Be careful to create the waves by turning a few strands towards your face and some others outside, so you will create softer wave effects.


A crown for your Christmas holidays: Braids collected


Christmas party hairstyles: here are the 10 most beautiful for you!

Braids collected @


Divide your hair into three parts and make the first braid using the center part. Remember to make it adhere to the head, perhaps fixing it with bobby pins. Then continue making the other two braids, always close to the head, following the clockwise direction. By doing so you will have created a crown of braids for your royal head in these holidays!


A classic, romantic and elegant: the low chignon



Again you have to start by making a ponytail starting from the bottom, but then divide it into two sections. Then you have to put the left tail under the right one, and then stop it with the usual hairpin. Then take the right tail, and repeat the operation, this time, however, making it pass ABOVE the other, then stop it with another bobby pin. With an elegant clip, you will have elegantly decorated a very romantic hairstyle.


Use bangs for Christmas party hairstyles!



We are talking about creating a curtain shape for your face: create a fringe with volume, inflating the locks enough. Then also give volume to the back of the hairstyle that will be collected at the back, and voila: the curtain opens and your face is presented to the onlookers!


The importance of the right products for your style


In the realization of one’s best style, a fundamental role is certainly played by the search for the right products for the nourishment , the care and the styling [19459044 ].


On the other hand, even the least experienced and the least skilled in the sector will be able to recognize the difference between a quality product , able to structure without gluing, and a product of poor goodness, which – in addition to ensuring a not particularly appreciable final result – has the additional detrimental effect to damage the health of the crown.


Better therefore to focus on the most prestigious products: an investment that will not fail to point out its beneficial effects from the first application, making you wonder why you have not used them before!


Any examples? Women who have wavy hair and wish to show off a smooth hair, could focus on a smoothing serum , enriched with natural substances, in order to have hair available. moisture-proof sleek! Perfect for long hairstyles, it will give you the availability of straight hair without greasing and without weighing on the hair: a solution that will also allow you to contain the most stressful use of the straightener.


The use of this product is generally very simple: it will be sufficient to apply it on damp hair before drying it, then proceeding to the evident drying and, therefore, to a blow using a low temperature plate, the effects of which harmful on the crown will be adequately limited by the preventive application of the serum. It should also be taken into account that the same serum can also be used on dry hair to reduce frizz, with a really useful last minute action!


If you then want a product that can guarantee you a perfect crease, with the already mentioned protective effect on hairdryer and plate , we suggest you equip yourself with a good one [19459047 ] moisturizing cream that can tame even the most feared frizz effect. The most modern formulas are alcohol-free, and are able to nourish the hair more deeply thanks to the enrichment with vitamins and polyphenols.


Also in this case, the use of the product will be within reach of the “laziest”: just take the bottle, shake it well before use and apply to damp hair, from lengths to ends. Then, it will be possible to proceed with drying, using a round brush to define the hair and “use it” to create your favorite styles.


And for an even more defined look, maybe for the braids ? Even here you can find excellent modeling products, such as moisturizing fluid milk with coconut milk extract, for defined and resistant braids all day long. For a final “beauty salon” result, simply apply the product to the lengths to the ends, make your own braid and finally apply another small amount as a finishing touch!


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