Color ideas for women with long hair!

Color ideas for women with long hair!

Are you looking for the best color ideas to further embellish your long hair? Well, take a look at our in-depth analysis: you will find really fantastic color ideas, which will distinguish your new year in an exceptional way, guaranteeing you the right sex appeal and a rediscovered sensuality, to show off in everyday life .


In the following photogallery we are pleased to illustrate what could be the 15 strongest trends of 2015 in the field of colors. Obviously very chic colors, personalized with bleaching and other modern techniques that can generate a truly unique and incomparable look. By mixing two or more tones, you will have the opportunity to create an almost inimitable aesthetic approach, guaranteeing a uniqueness that none of your friends and colleagues will be able to replicate!


Having sanctioned the foregoing, we proceed convinced in the list of 15 colors that could probably lead you to choose a convinced change of color for the next year. In the photogallery there will be adequate spaces of excellent browns embellished with golden finishes, accentuated lightening, pronounced shatush, the use of honey color (one of the most popular over the next year!), Blond, pink and much, much more.


Of course, as can be easily guessed by scrolling through this gallery, having long hair will make it easier to proceed with a suitable customization of the hair tone, thus making the shatush option more usable than short hair. of other colors or discolorations.


Our advice is of course to do a little analysis of yourself, your face, the colors of your skin and eyes, and what you’ve seen over the past few weeks. So ask yourself if there is any color and look that you particularly liked, and then try to imagine if it would have the same added value on your garment. Often, in fact, colors that appear to be the “best” seen on coated papers, turn out to be sensational own goals on their heads.


So try, with the help of an expert hairdresser, to imagine whether or not your choice is congruent with reality and, once this priority doubt has been clarified, proceed without particular delay: 2015 is now upon us, and maybe it’s worth leaving your old color in 2014 …

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